Disassemble house, insert couch, reassemble

Some of you might know that we live in an older home, approaching 100 years old actually. Apparently 100 years ago, they didn’t have large sofas, and therefore didn’t arrange the doors to allow for them to pass through. So we disassembled part of the house to put the couch in.

Our back porch has several sliding doors, these come completely apart, as in the screen and both doors, so I took those out. We have a large window in our living room which is basically the one way in and out for anything large in that room, so that was gone too.

Our last couch was this red monstrosity that we bought about 5 years ago, it was cool when we bought it, something just odd enough to suite both of us. After about a year, Erin might say a month, we decided that we really didn’t like it. It just didn’t sit right and we never really got comfortable in it. We brought that one in through the window too. It was pretty light, I would say it doesn’t weigh more than 75 or 80 pounds. We took the cushions off, and basically shoved it through the window and carried it out the porch. Piece of cake.

When they loaded the new couch on to the truck, it was two regular looking guys who basically just lifted it up and laid it down. Piece of cake.

After the red monster was gone, we looked at the brown beast, as we would soon know it. Since our new couch has two recliners built in, this thing weighs quite a bit more. Like 200-300 pounds. I lifted on end and knew we were in trouble.

Thankfully our neighbors were outside and offered to help. The four of us struggled for 20 minutes getting the thing in. After putting every thing back in order in the living room, it was definitely nap time.

2 hours later, I decided the brown beast could stay…

And it was good.

Author: Michael

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