Perspective on Life

Prospective on Life

I believe that I should give you all a little bit of a set up for this. in august i decided that I needed to get some of my feelings and thoughts on to paper for others to read. I began writing one night and this is what I’ve came up with. I hope to add to it form time to time but either it is what it is and I hope you enjoy it.

Well what should I say about myself, I guess I would consider myself a regular kind of person. Nothing any to weird or unique about me. I’m just a regular guy, on the outside anyways, I think some of my views on life and all the facets of it are kind of unique, this is my medium for sharing those with the world. Some of you may or may not agree with them, but they are mine, write yours down and see how many people criticize you for them. I wish that people could just say things like this without having to actually say it like this. But our society is not comfortable enough with people being open, so there are those like me who must get their stories out and this is the only acceptable way.

God. What is God? I don’t really know if there is a God or not. I suppose I’ve grown up being told that there is a God and that I should believe in Him. Well as I’ve grown I think my perspective on God has changed greatly. Surely there is some omnipotent being out there that is ultimately responsible for us in this life and the afterlife. I’ve looked at a few different religions, they all seem to have one Supreme Being and they believe in some kind of afterlife and many other similarities. How do we know that a particular God/Being is the right one? I‘m not saying that I don’t believe that Heaven and Hell are real places. But which Heaven or Hell is the one that we are all going to? Religion is something, which I believe, is related totally on your own personal relationship with whichever deity you believe is the right one. I know Catholics, Protestants, Mormons, and even some people who are Atheists and Agnostics. If that’s what they believe then that’s fine with me. I think Freedom of Religion is one of the great virtues of our country. If I choose to believe that cheese is the supreme being of the universe, then no one should dispute that. No one has ever came back to say that this religion is right and the rest are wrong. (Prophets of certain religions excluded, and even some of those are kind of shady.)

Wow, I just go from one extreme to another, huh? Well sex and religion are very closely tied together in my mind. Some say it’s a religious experience anyways. I’ve had sex a few times, none of which were that great. I don’t know why people see it as a big deal. It’s not. The first time is always awkward and somewhat uncomfortable, after that it’s just not that great. If you think that you truly love someone enough to have to sex with them I would think that you could find other ways to spend your time than to just say “Wam, Bam, Thank you Ma’am.” I think sex is just over-exaggerated as something everyone should do, well I think everyone should do it, when they are ready not just because it’s the “in” thing to do. If you have a great relationship with someone then sex shouldn’t be one of your priorities, making each other better people should be. Just think of sex as the icing on the cake. The cake has to be made of love, deep true love, first before any icing can be put on it. Our entire society is centered on sex. People who never thought about having sex before marriage are thinking about it right now. As someone who didn’t wait I tell all of you out there that you should wait as long as possible. If your relationship is not strong and true when you have sex it’ll crumble like the World Trade Center, and probably just as fast. You must build that tower up and strengthen it everyday before you even think about sex with your partner.

Well relationships are something I like to think I’ve had some good and bad experiences with. Communication is the key to any relationship. Compromise is as another thing that a relationship thrives on. You have to learn to bend with your partner and they have to bend with you. But I think that it’s a shame when people have to act a certain way around different groups of their “friends.” I’ve known people that are like night and day around different friends. What happens when you go out with both of them? What do you do then? If you can’t be yourself around everyone then what’s the point of getting to know those people? They are trying to show you their “real” selves and you aren’t showing yours. That’s just totally nuts to me. “To thine own self be true.” ~ Shakespeare That guy really knew what he was talking about. I also find that you can’t force someone to be in a particular relationship that they really don’t want to be in. it just won’t work, you both have to be happy in order for things to work out. Sometimes space apart is just as good as the time that you have together. You grow by finding yourself sometimes it takes time alone to do that.

This is a tough one. Someone once said, “You never know you’re in love, till you’re out of love.” I believe that totally. Love and lust are two things that most people have no idea how to separate. Everyone lusts at some point over someone else. I see no problem with that. I’ve done it a hundred times and probably will a hundred more. It just merely means that you find another person attractive and you think they are better than what you have right now. But when it comes down to it, usually they aren’t. You only see their physical traits, what about personality? To me, personality is the most important characteristic of a person. I’ve known beautiful people that are absolutely horrible to hang out with, and I’ve known people that are incredibly ugly, but I would still spend time with them because they have a good personality. If someone has a good personality, then I would be more likely to want to love them than just a good-looking person. Of course if they have both looks and a personality then I would be ok with that too.
Love. It’s amazing how one word can stress people out so much. I don’t think that I really know what love is. I think I know what it’s not though. It’s not doing something just because the person you “love” wants you to. You have to do it for you first. People go crazy when they are in love. They will do anything and everything just to show their love for another person. How about just, “I love you?” But even those three words can through people into a frenzy. Love is just a feeling it’s like being happy or angry, you shouldn’t make it into some kind of special thing. Your feelings for the person may be special but not the way you feel. That may not make a lot of sense but if you think about it, it will.

Why is swearing, swearing? I mean who decided what words should be bad and which aren’t I could very well say that “blue” is a horrible word and that no one should say it. It still has four letters. They are just words people; they won’t hurt you.
That isn’t to say that I agree with “swearing like a sailor” either, the key to everything is moderation.

No matter what you may say everyone has a vice. Some people bite their nails, some smoke, others do drugs. I think that as a species we all just have weaknesses. There is nothing wrong with that either. If it’s not disturbing another person’s life, then we should be able to do whatever we want. Ok, some people might say that a person smoking around them makes them cough or gag. Well wither the non-smoker could move out of that area or the smoker could be asked to move. But either way I do not think that smoking in public is a big deal. If you don’t like it then move, if you are a smoker then be courteous to others around you. We just all have to break our “bad” habits and deal with each other. We all share this planet and there aren’t anymore out there just yet to move to so everyone needs to get over themselves and move on with their lives.

The Media:
I watch the news just about everyday and read several online newspapers too. I know that sometimes there are slow news days and realize that they have to fill the airwaves and pages with something. I also think that they are pushing for ratings and over hype and over dramatize some things way too much. If sex or a celebrity is involved then it’s front-page news. Most of the time they do not even consider the families or the victims that they are reporting about. This is wrong. The news should not become like so many tabloids that are on the supermarket shelves. But for some reason these days people feel that they should know every little fact and bit of information about every topic. I disagree. People are going to become information overloaded very soon. Just the pertinent information for me. I can usually skim a story and read about 20 lines and know just as much as the person who reads it all.

Well I don’t actually like work, but I understand why we do work. It gives a life outside of our home life, it teaches us that no matter what we are not the smartest, fastest, or loudest person around. It teaches us that no matter how high we are in the chain, there is always someone above us, and that the higher you get the less you need to actually know about your business, and that the less you need to know, the more you act like you do know.

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