I wonder if i can even do this anymore

I haven’t written in 3 years. I don’t know if I even know how to do this any more.

There used to be a time when I could site and write for hours on end about everything and nothing. No spelling errors, no problems with editing. Just sit and write about whatever was on my mind and get it all out out there for the world to see. For some reason that’s changed and I have no idea why.

I noticed that this blog is nearly 15 years old.  45% of my life has been chronicled here. And for some reason, 3 years ago, I stopped. As if the cup had run dry and I had nothing more to say.

There has been tons of stuff happening, the biggest of which is Caedmon. But even just day to day there has been that kind of boring, monotonous, bothersome stuff that filled the pages of this for years and year and brought tons of commentary from people I know and others out there in the world alike. I just don’t know why I had no desire to put fingers to keys and just get a few thoughts out from time time to time.

Even now as I type this, the words are hard to get out, the fingers aren’t moving as swiftly as they once did, the thoughts are struggling to make it to my fingers and get on the screen.

Perhaps the cup is empty, my story has been written and the rest is only for those close enough to experience it with me.

My public has become private and the privacy is its own gift.

A Square Pyramidal Number (30)

I turn 30 today. Three decades. I don’t think I feel old really. I think this is the time in life where I have realized that I am a full-fledged adult, someone with responsibilities beyond themselves, who must plan and invest in the future, both monetarily and otherwise.  I feel as though I’ve been around long enough to offer advice to others around me with some fortitude behind it. I’ve been here a while and here’s what I know to be true.

Take time. That’s it. Just take time to do things, completely and correctly. This may mean you have to learn to do something new, or relearn how to do something you used to know how to do. Take the time necessary to make sure your life is on the right track. Spend a little extra time with loved ones, turn off the TV and put down the laptop, hold someone a little longer. Cook a meal, buy meat, vegetables, fruits, etc. and get into the kitchen and put some love in the pan. You’ll feel better after you do. Doesn’t have to be fancy, or even taste that good the first few times, but cooking can not only be therapeutic but also helps you find healthy ways to eat different foods. The bottom line, extend yourself a little farther each time and it won’t be such a stretch the next time.

Take time to do nothing. Sometimes all that other stuff in the world can just wait. Get a book, find a comfortable chair and relax. Get outside, sit and look at nothing and just listen. The world will continue without you. Hear the wind, the birds, and whatever else is going on, try not to get in the middle of it, just observe.

Eat right. I’m not saying become a wheat grass hippie, you can but that’s not necessary. Now I’m not the epitome of  health and wellness I know, in fact I’m out of shape and overweight but in the past few months of trying to eat right, I’ve never felt better in my life. If it comes in a wrapper and you try to eat it in your car, chances are it’s not that good for you. If it’s leafy, green, and you had a take a little time to prepare it, you’ll feel better after eating it. But not even just leafy and green, grill a steak, cook some corn on the cob and sit down with someone and have a great conversation over a good meal, no TV, no phone, just the sounds of a meal being shared.

Keep track of every penny. Don’t be a scrooge. Have a budget, know where every dollar you make goes, and why it goes there. Over the last 4 years, we’ve developed a budget that ebbs and flows with our lives but also keeps us in check with extravagance. We have fun. We do stuff. We rarely worry about having too much month at the end of the money. I would also say to plan to be extravagant too, make sure you have some fun with your money, do stuff. Don’t let your money rule you, do what you want when you want but that can only happen if you plan right in the first place. In my youth, that is to say 10 years ago or so, I spent way more than I made, much like the government. I’m still in debt because of it. I’m digging out but I had to learn the hard way.  The ignorance of handling money in my youth has hindered my ability to enjoy the money I make now.

Work hard and do it right. Everything you do, either for yourself or for others, must be done right the first time. Working hard means caring about what you do. If you don’t care about the outcome, I’m convinced that it doesn’t matter how hard you try, it won’t come out as good as if you’d have wanted to do it in the first place.

Buy good furniture. The stuff that you’ll use every day, the couch, the dining room table, your computer chair, spend a little extra on those. IKEA bookcases, no problem if they work for you décor and such. The couch that you watch TV and snuggle on? Spend a little bit on those so your back doesn’t hurt each night when you get up and so it’ll last longer than a football season. Get a classic fabric/leather too. Microsuede isn’t going to be cool in 10 years probably, black leather will look perfectly worn by then. Red, trust me I know from experience, will not be cool in the end, it looks awesome the first week but you’ll spend the next 3 years hating it.

My final bit of advice is to realize that whether you are 30 or 70, you are only as old as you act and allow yourself to feel. If you think at 25 you are “old” you are probably going to feel old too, I know people who are 70+ who refuse to slow down and they enjoy everyday even a little more than the last.

Drier than burnt toast

So here in the middle of Indiana we’ve been having what some would call a drought, by some I mean everyone. I can’t even remember the last time that it rained here. Of course this is the year that I expanded the garden with the intention of feeding ourselves by eating directly from it and canning stuff for the winter. I’ve been watering, a lot!

They say there is some raining coming tomorrow, of course that’s the day I’m working outside at work. Fun, making countertops in the rain. Should be a great day. The worst part about it is, they are only predicting about 1/4″ inch of rain. Meaning it won’t soak down deep enough to really help my garden or any of my other plants really.

It’s not even really summer yet!

I really hope this is not the preview of things to come. The local farmers are probably fearing the worst right now too.

Mother Nature sure has a way of keeping you in check. When the early thaw came in February/March and I was out tilling the soil and planting before St. Patrick’s Day, I should have known it was too good to be true. I mean I was getting lettuce and radishes in early April! That’s so unbelievable for us in Indiana. Now we pay for it by having a dry late spring.

Let’s just hope this summer is a bit easier than last summer. We need a good one.

Disassemble house, insert couch, reassemble

Some of you might know that we live in an older home, approaching 100 years old actually. Apparently 100 years ago, they didn’t have large sofas, and therefore didn’t arrange the doors to allow for them to pass through. So we disassembled part of the house to put the couch in.

Our back porch has several sliding doors, these come completely apart, as in the screen and both doors, so I took those out. We have a large window in our living room which is basically the one way in and out for anything large in that room, so that was gone too.

Our last couch was this red monstrosity that we bought about 5 years ago, it was cool when we bought it, something just odd enough to suite both of us. After about a year, Erin might say a month, we decided that we really didn’t like it. It just didn’t sit right and we never really got comfortable in it. We brought that one in through the window too. It was pretty light, I would say it doesn’t weigh more than 75 or 80 pounds. We took the cushions off, and basically shoved it through the window and carried it out the porch. Piece of cake.

When they loaded the new couch on to the truck, it was two regular looking guys who basically just lifted it up and laid it down. Piece of cake.

After the red monster was gone, we looked at the brown beast, as we would soon know it. Since our new couch has two recliners built in, this thing weighs quite a bit more. Like 200-300 pounds. I lifted on end and knew we were in trouble.

Thankfully our neighbors were outside and offered to help. The four of us struggled for 20 minutes getting the thing in. After putting every thing back in order in the living room, it was definitely nap time.

2 hours later, I decided the brown beast could stay…

And it was good.

We bought a couch going to a baseball game

We had a pretty good date night last night, it started with a morning walk to the farmers market and ended up at The Vic.
Tipton has started a farmers market, this being the first week, we wanted to go and support the cause. We got some dog treats, fresh sugar snap peas,, and some of the best homemade bread I’ve ever tasted! This stuff was amazing, the lady told us that she had milled the wheat format on Friday and fresh baked the bread. It was just so sweet and chewy and just perfect. Definitely going to be on our frequently visited booths list. On our way back home we stopped by the plant store, picked up,some begonias, like 48 of the to be exact, we got those planted out back in a bed that we’ve long neglected, now it’s starting to look pretty good.

Once we got all that done, we decided we needed mulch, a quick trip to Lowes was in order. On the way, we were talking and the Indians game came up, we decided to go, the game didn’t start for another 4 hours or so, we figured we could load the mulch up, head back home, change, and make it with tons of time to spare. No problem.

We left a little earlier than we had even planned though, we were going to be there about half an hour before the gates even opened, let alone the first pitch.

You see, there is some major road construction going on in Hamilton county, on US 31, Major Moves I believe it is called. The intersection at SR32 and US31 is due to be reconfigured next year i believe and as such they are closing some local businesses at the corner to allow for the new interchange. A furniture store is one of those effected. Erin and I were thinking about stopping by for quite a few weeks, but it’s one of those things that we never seem to get around to, we decided to finally stop and look around. Not planning to get anything but just see how good the deals were and if they had anything that we might want to check out.

About 5 minutes after walking in the door, she sat down on a couch and decided it was perfect for us. I totally, 100% agreed. It was the right color, size and everything, heck, it even had a recliner built in to each end. Perfect.

So we bought it.

Of course we couldn’t take it with us downtown and set everything up to pick it up this morning. After that we headed downtown and watched a great Indians game.

Definitely a change of plans from what we started that day with. It was awesome.

This morning, I went to pick up the couch, that’s when the fun began again. More on that next time…

A Fresh Start

I think I’ve got to just get away from my old site and start all over again. Something where I can be the new me that apparently I have become and didn’t realize.

I used to do this all the time, I used to write and write and now I don’t know if I even have the patience to sit here long enough to finish this entry. With twitter and all that other stuff out there that basically make you keep it short and sweet I feel like I’ve lost the ability to write anything of substance.

I wonder if the weight of the old site is keeping me away from writing too, there’s over a quarter of a miliion words out there that I’ve written for all to see. I’m partly scared by the fact that ALL can see it. ALL who know about it. Things have changed so much that its hard to let it all out there and not remain entirely anonymous without creating some huge problems probably