With an official description, Google Drive is more real than ever

Almost everyday now brings a new hint into what Google is planning for its “GDrive” online storage service. Today, a piece of code found in the Google Pack software bundle includes both a product category and description for GDrive.

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I’m excited. I’ve messed with Mozy, XDrive and the like, none work like I want, lets hope that GDrive makes the grade. I want either a “network” drive to save to or a self replicating drive available anywhere. Or both. Lets hope GDrive comes soon and gets the job done.

Senate passes bill to delay digital TV switch

WASHINGTON – The Senate on Monday voted unanimously to postpone the upcoming transition from analog to digital television broadcasting by four months to June 12.

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This will clear the House today most likely.

Anyone want to take a bet that when June gets here they will delay it until December? 2010? Seriously, lets move on. You gotta make the jump, some people are going to be left out in the cold, lets get them out there and then deal with them getting back in.

Senate nears deal to delay digital TV transition (AP) by AP: Yahoo! Tech

WASHINGTON – The Senate appeared close to agreement late Thursday on a bill to delay next month’s planned transition from analog to digital television broadcasting to June 12 — setting the stage for a vote early next week.

Senate Republicans last week blocked Democratic efforts to push back the Feb. 17 deadline for the analog shutoff. The Democrats cited mounting concerns that too many Americans who rely on analog TV sets to pick up over-the-air broadcast signals won’t be ready.

via Senate nears deal to delay digital TV transition (AP) by AP: Yahoo! Tech.

Hasn’t this been pushed back since 2006? I thought I remembered digital TV coming then? The gist is this: If you have an older TV, and use an antenna for your signal, as opposed to cable, satellite, etc, then you need to get a converter box. If you use cable, satellite, etc., then you don’t need to do anything.

This can’t keep being delayed, businesses have paid for the spectrum to be opened, stations have invested millions to upgrade their broadcast capabilities, it’s time to move forward. Some will be left in the cold, I’m sorry for that, but just as those who drive cars with leaded gasoline must pay a little extra for an additive to make their cars run, those who refuse to upgrade their televisions must pay a little extra for the additional equipment needed to run them.

iPhone news o’ the day

I was going to post about this, iPhone nano chip order coming soon and released in June? But instead, I’m posting this, far more important story:

Chipotle’s Mobile Ordering App For Magic iPhone Burritos
Even if I didn’t like Chipotle, I would still eat there based purely on the fact that their new app allows me to order my burrito from the comfort of my iPhone.

Chipotle Mobile Ordering builds upon their already substantial online ordering system by allowing iPhone and iPod Touch owners to find locations, customize their orders, save their favorites and pay for everything while on the go.

via App Store: Chipotle’s Mobile Ordering App For Magic iPhone Burritos.

I was about to download this thing, then upon reading further:

On the negative side, it appears that the app has been taken down from the store (temporarily at least). Several users on MacRumors forums claim that the app was extremely buggy, which may or may not be to blame for the sudden disappearance.

I’m ready for this! I want to walk up, grab my burrito in a bag and walk away, no cash, no talking, just a burrito in a bag.

iPhone nano? Meh, I have the 3G, its a fine size, plenty of room for my media that I need and I have grown accustomed to everything on it. As a matter of fact, given the chance to choose another phone, I’m not sure I could, I use too many of the apps and features on a regular basis. The iPhone nano can only be a smaller iPhone, not a less feature-rich one, or simply a phone with iPod capability (ROKR, etc.) or it will fail miserably, as it has before.

iTunes Plus: Everything you need to know – Crave at CNET UK

Don’t think that just because of the new iTunes DRM-Free thing that you can share and distribute your songs all over the Internet to anyone you please:

Be warned: your account information is stored in every file

Although iTunes Plus files feature no copy protection, files downloaded still contain the email address you have registered with iTunes. So although files can physically be shared with, and played by, friends and family, any of your purchases that end up on file-sharing networks, for example, can be traced back to you.

via iTunes Plus: Everything you need to know – Crave at CNET UK.

I don’t particularly care to share my music all over the world, I just want to be able to share it all over my world, all my devices anytime I want.

Apple cuts iTunes pricing, DRM

Apple is cutting the price of some songs in its market-leading iTunes online music store to 69 cents and plans to begin selling all tracks without copy protection.

via Apple cuts iTunes pricing, eases copy protection – Tech and gadgets- msnbc.com.

I checked out my songs today, only about 70 or so of them are available with DRM right now. I’m excited to see what music becomes cheap and what music goes for $1.29, hopefully it won’t be stuff that I would want to buy.

As far as the DRM stuff goes, I would love to have DRM-free music but I also have totally bought into the iTunes service, complete with a car stereo that directly connects to my iPod (one of 3) and so on. But in the end I do believe that DRM is bad for music and should be stripped. I’ve been burned by the authorization issues with iTunes before and would be happy to see them disappear.