The last fews have been pretty hectic. i have been working pretty hard at work on some really important accounts, i think that if i can get these i can really prove my self and show that i am really what i said i was. a good salesman. hopefully that $50K deal goes through without a hitch. that would be awesome.
g-ma has been stressing me out because of doing all this crap around the house. you know i don’t mind doing stuff for her and all but i hate that she wants me to do it everyday and weekend. and she always like yells at me to do it, like i wouldn’t do it if she didn’t yell or somethin it’s just freakin gay and i’m getting really sick of it. but ya know what can i do?
oh well i’m off to do somethin else. later…

man, i have like one more project to go and i’m done with all the papers and crap for school emmy has been in a really good mood lately so i’m happy about that, she just makes my life so happy. someday… it’ll all be even better. need to look for a better ring too. 🙂 anywasy i should get back on IM and chat a while before i hit the sack for another exciting day of work woo hoo

well i just got home from the gym and i’m tired as crap. work was ok today i guess but i guess the biggest thing is the concert last nite, it was totally awesome. just amazing how much can touch you in a way you’ve never been touched before. i should be studying but i don’t want to, i’m tired of school and i want to be done. lots of work coming up this week, hopefully i won’t die