Latest Mac Rumors: Netbooks and New Mac Minis

There are a number of rumors circulating about what news Apple might make at next month’s Macworld expo. Last year’s Macworld brought the announcement of the Macbook Air, and two years ago, it was the iPhone. So what will be the big announcement this year? Depending on who you ask, we may see an Apple netbook, an iPhone Nano, or maybe just an updated Mac Mini.

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I’m excited about this. I already have an Asus eeePC 1000HA but the thought of netbooks reaching more of the masses is great. I think that probably netbooks will become the new “couch computer” in the next few years, you know that computer you piddle with while you’re on the couch watching TV and whatnot.

I use mine all the time for blogging and just general surfing.

Mac Mini? Nah, that’s not going to be a mainstream thing I think. It was a cool thing at first but PCs are too cheap to do just the same. One niche I’ve found, grandparents computer. It’s easy to use and setup, with remote control software its easy to maintain, and the lack of confusing buttons and system popups make it not scary to those who may have never used a computer before. I’ve set 2 up in that manner, one was nearly flawless, email, surfing, digital photos, all worked perfectly well and I only spend about 15 minutes a week showing them new features. The other? Well the user wasn’t ready for it and didn’t see the utility of it, not Apple’s fault.

Spring Break 2006 Recap

OK well I’ve put it off long enough here goes the long post about everything (at least most everything) that happened on spring break this year. As most of you know we headed out on a week long cruise from Miami to Key West to Calica/Playa del Carmen Mexico and back to Miami. I had a great time and I’m pretty sure everyone else did too, there are many stories and memories that we all share now.The ship was awesome, the food was spectacular, Key West was beautiful and Mexico was something I could have never imagined. Here’s some pics and a few stories:

Picture 001001.jpg First things first we got up at the crack of dawn, actually it was still dark and headed to IND for our flight out to MIA, everyone made it safely aboard but there was a ton of turbulence so it was quite a bumpy ride down. Miami is a beautiful city, an amazing skyline and tons of palm trees, I swear I heard at least 4 languages before we left the terminal.Picture 003001.jpg We got straight on the boat no problem, dropped our luggage and headed out to the main deck and waited to set sail.The last bit of land in Miami On the main deck, the lido deck as it was called was a huge party, lots of music and dancing, all in all a really good time.Party Time

Our first dinner was a bit strange and overwhelming for us. It was fancy, formal, and full of foods most of us had never tried. one of our starters was Roasted Duck,Picture 024001.jpg Jake tried the stuff on the side, not his favorite as the picture will show.Picture 026001.jpg It was fluffy, sticky and pretty much tasted like vomit flavored Jello. Yummy!


Welcome to Key West! A beautiful city full of roosters! Seriously there are roosters all over the place just walking around the streets. Weird. Erin and I got up early and headed straight for the city, we found a cool little Cuban restaurant and headed there with Jake and Annie. Picture 034001.jpgWe ordered some fried Plantains with mojo sauce that was absolutely amazing, if you have a recipie for that let me know! Picture 044001.jpgWe ran into Kyle later, here he’s clearly looking for something…
After we got to the ship everyone got ready for the Captain’s Dinner, basically a big formal dinner that everyone dresses up for. John looking sharp:
Picture 071001.jpg

During dinner though things took an ugly turn… Ben got angry: Picture 072001.jpg

Then John and Kyle got into it with “Captain” Matt:Picture 073001.jpg

Kyle tried to break it up and call a truce: Picture 074001.jpg

Drinks were served and everyone was friends again: Picture 075001.jpg

Everything I said after “John looking sharp:” is false, Matt was not the captain in any way. He was cool and we saw him all week being a really cool guy.


Picture 079001.jpgPlaya del Carmen, Mexico. A cool little place really. Clearly a tourist place, everyone knows at least enough English to get you to buy something from them. They all have something to sell too. Kyle, Erin and I headed down the main street in town, Avenida Cinco, to shop. The rest of the gang headed to the beach first. We bought and saw all kinds of stuff, it was just a really good time basically. We saw alot, ate some tacos, bought stuff for the families, the usual really. At the end of the day we got back in a crazy taxi and held on for dear life as our cabbie drove over a sidewalk to pass 3 cars a red light, drove 40 Km/h over the limit and narrowly avoided a ditch while fishtailing a corner to get to the boat. Great time really.


All day on the boat, we were all tired and sick mostly. We walked around the ship a bit, sat around watched some March Madness on TV and took a 3 hour nap. Everyone turned out on the back of the ship though to watch the sunset, really cool.Picture 086001.jpg Carnival also does some cool things in your room for you while you are out, namely turning down the sheets, leaving a mint on your pillow, Picture 107001.jpgand making towel animals and leaving them on your bed. Most were easy to figure out, dog, snake, etc, but what was waiting on us this night was something I just couldn’t quite figure out… Any thoughts on this one?


Erin and I headed to MIA at 7am to try to catch an early flight back to IND. No such luck, the flight was full. We now had 10 hours basically to wait on our evening flight back with the rest of the group. I found some Wi-Fi, $10 for the day, not bad. We sat around all day waiting… At 7ish the plane finally took off after some delay. At nine-thirty we landed after a really smooth ride actually and I was ready for bed. I got home around midnight, said hi to the family and went immediately to sleep, didn’t even take off my jeans…

Spring Break this year was clearly a great time. I had tons of fun and made memories that will not be soon forgotten. I am truly glad to be home though, I missed my bed, a stable floor that doesn’t rock with the waves, and everyone speaking English around me. Erin, Kyle, John, Ben, Frankie, Jake, and Annie, I thank you all for making this spring break great. As we all begin our journeys into the “real world” I hope that one day in the future we can travel again together.

This post is too long, not layed out well and all that junk. Deal with it. All the pictures can be clicked for larger images. Stay tuned for regular posts to resume this week.

Playa del Carmen

Mexico is amazing. I realize that we went to one of the most touristy areas around but still we saw a lot of neat stuff and definitely had a cool time. Kyle, Erin and I went all around Playa del Carmen and saw most everything on Avenida Cinco and we even had a bit of time to check out the beach. It was mostly crowded and full of people wanting you to buy anything they had to sell. I got a blanket, some kick ass tacos and gifts for the fam. I also bought Erin a Tanzinite ring at Effe’s, I’ll let her tell you about it though. Anyways we’re back in the ship now, a bit early but better safe than sorry really. I just got out of the shower and we’re heading to dinner in a bit. No pics today, I didn’t take that many, imagine a busy street with tons of signs in Spanish, that’s Playa del Carmen. Tomorrow we’re on the sea all day, maybe an update here and then I’ll be home Friday night which means tons of updates and pictures for the weekend.

It’s only just begun

Erin on the pier in Key WestIt’s nearly dinner time on the second day of the cruise. All I can say is “WOW!” This place is amazing, I’ve eaten so many times I can’t remember, as the cruise director here says, “Just eat and poop and you’ll have a great time” I’m doing both and it feels great.

Erin and I got up early today and headed to Key West for some shopping, nothing crazy, but it is definitely a nice today, plenty of warm weather and sunshine.

The boat is rocking now… hang on…. It’s funny because yesterday the rocking didn’t even seem noticable, today it is a bit, at least since we left Key West. The best part about Key West was Cayo Hueso, small Cuban place with amazing food. We got some fried plantains and brought them back to the ship with us, tasty!

Tonight is the big formal dinner thing, cocktail party before of course. Should be a blast.

After that its another amazing dinner, last night it was duckling, a mixed salad, and linguini with sausage, and lavender souffle for dessert.

I don’t have a lot of time online so this will be my last update until Thursday, the after-Mexico post!

This pic is Erin at the dock in Key West, truly beautiful.

Just hours to go! (And a little art)

Well we’re inside of 24 hours now. Everything is packed, now its just a waiting game. I’m ready, I’ve never been so ready. The guys are almost there as it is and we’ll eb there in just a few hours. benscarydrawing.jpgCheck out this pic that Ben drew, (click for large version) I think he needs to be on some meds or something. Hopefully he’ll post a comment about what this all means. Off to relax before I leave…