Monday, March 14

The first day is done.

As you all can see from the pictures below today was an awesome success. We got here about 4ish and then went to walk around Midtown a bit. Saw Macy's the largest store in the world. It's 6 floors are each bigger than any of the Kokomo store. After that we headed to Rockefeller Center and Times Square, that's mostly what you see in the pics. Great times. The place is amazing. I'm overwhelmed by the size of everything and the people who are in it. There are literally tons of them all over the place and all of them are either asian or pissed off (maybe cause they aren't asian), except the cab drivers who are all arab. it's a crazy place aroudn here i swear that at the hotel alone today i've heard at least 5 languages being spoken. I'm totally in love with this city now, not enough to really move here but definitely enough to come back a few times.
Times square was awesome cause as you can tell it's dark, but at the same time the sky is dark, everything around you in lit up so it almost seems like day time all around you. I am impressed.
A lot of my pictures are not coming out as well as i'd like, i'm shaky and the cam just isn't made for that.
Anyways though I've got to go let the room service guy in and get my pizza and stuff... I'll blog tomorrow. have a good night everyone...

Razzle Dazzle Baby!

The Garden...

Rockefeller, Duh...

Times Square 1

A look down 42nd St.

Times Square facing the other way

McD's on Times Square

We've made it!

We are here. I am sitting at the hotel right now enjoying my ultra-highspeed internet access. The plane ride was a littel bumpy but we made it. I hate flying. We're goign to go shopping now I think just to get out and see the city a bit. Tomorrow is the big day though. Pics are of the flight and the way to the hotel, $26 to get here and Tony Chung made it a great ride. He was weaving in and out of traffic like crazy. This place is bigger than I imagined. I can't wait to get out and see something... see you all tonight