Wednesday, March 16

Check out the final good photos!

check this link out NYC Album to see all the photos that are worth seeing.

Whew! That was a long 3 days!

Well I'm home now. I'm so tired. Got in about 830ish tonight. I am in the process of unpacking still and getting ready to order some pics from Ofoto and then I'm heading to bed.
This morning we headed to Macys' first thing, little did I know that the website for Macy's woudl be wrong and instead of openign at 8 they actually opened at 10. But we got to see some more of Herald Square and the Manhattan Mall.
This was one of the coolest vacations that I've ever been on, definitely a lot of memories to keep. I'm so tired though. Everythign in NY was a rush, we either didn't seem to have enough time in the day or everyoen else was just so fast moving around us that we couldn't keep up. I really need sleep.
More to come on the regular blog as usual

One more stop and then we're outta here

I'm almost finished packing, except for my laptop and a few little things in my carryon. We're going to Macy's one lastg time today, just to look around for the morning, before we check out and get out of this crazy town.
Last night we went to the show. It was absolutely amazing, imagine Billy joel writing a ballet. I'm not usually a big fan of ballet, but this was absolutely amazing! I almost cried at the end of the second act. I really enjoyed it. Terra, you would have been spellbound, gay boys, and lots of spinning. The chic who played Brenda was pretty hot I must say, had an amazing body, but I'm sure that dancing for 2 hours straight everynight will eventually do that to anyone, no one is fat on Broadway.
Actually no one is fat in NY really, they all walk everywhere and don't seem to stop and eat, so they just waste away. One thign about NY is the speed, everything is constantly moving, you really can't stop for anything, except taxi's barrelling down the avenues. But oen thing where NY lacks in the speed fo the restaurants. All of the ones we've been to are just a little too slow for me. LIke we sit down, they bring menu's eventually dirinks and then there is a logn pause before takign the order, and then when they clear the table fcor you and you are waiting on the billl, they take a bit too logn to get that to ya. It's not like, "I'm ticked off for waiting so long" but more like "I wish the guy was here, I kinda miss him"
I've taken tons of picutres over the last few days, I'll work on a way of getting some more up easily. Actually yesterday at the Met I was taking some pics and got away with takign a few that I shouldn't have, the museum people jumped me right after i took them, so I've got a pic of a Picasso, and a medusa head that hardly anyone else has a pic of.
I should get moving, Erin is almost ready and we only have a few hours before we head to the airport, see you all soon.

Tuesday, March 15

Just your typical night out on Broadway....

Cause I'm... Movin' Out!

Cross at Ground Zero


Trump Tower near the UN

Picasso in the Met

Erin in front of a Vase at the Met

Alice in Wonderland at Central Park

A morning view outside our room

Ready for the start of a new day

So I'm up and dressed waiting on breakfast to arrive from downstairs.... I slept ok, but I must say that this place never gets quiet, i got up several times last night just to look at what was going on and it was the same it is this morning, light traffic and quite a few people... We're going to Ground Zero, The Met, Central Park, and who knows where else today, then the show is tonight. Shoudl eb tons of fun, I'll post some pics when we get back.

Monday, March 14

The first day is done.

As you all can see from the pictures below today was an awesome success. We got here about 4ish and then went to walk around Midtown a bit. Saw Macy's the largest store in the world. It's 6 floors are each bigger than any of the Kokomo store. After that we headed to Rockefeller Center and Times Square, that's mostly what you see in the pics. Great times. The place is amazing. I'm overwhelmed by the size of everything and the people who are in it. There are literally tons of them all over the place and all of them are either asian or pissed off (maybe cause they aren't asian), except the cab drivers who are all arab. it's a crazy place aroudn here i swear that at the hotel alone today i've heard at least 5 languages being spoken. I'm totally in love with this city now, not enough to really move here but definitely enough to come back a few times.
Times square was awesome cause as you can tell it's dark, but at the same time the sky is dark, everything around you in lit up so it almost seems like day time all around you. I am impressed.
A lot of my pictures are not coming out as well as i'd like, i'm shaky and the cam just isn't made for that.
Anyways though I've got to go let the room service guy in and get my pizza and stuff... I'll blog tomorrow. have a good night everyone...

The Garden...

Rockefeller, Duh...

Razzle Dazzle Baby!

Times Square facing the other way

Times Square 1

A look down 42nd St.

McD's on Times Square

We've made it!

We are here. I am sitting at the hotel right now enjoying my ultra-highspeed internet access. The plane ride was a littel bumpy but we made it. I hate flying. We're goign to go shopping now I think just to get out and see the city a bit. Tomorrow is the big day though. Pics are of the flight and the way to the hotel, $26 to get here and Tony Chung made it a great ride. He was weaving in and out of traffic like crazy. This place is bigger than I imagined. I can't wait to get out and see something... see you all tonight

Sunday, March 13

Leaving on a jet plane

I'm all packed up now. Just waiting on dinner and then I'm off to Erin's to spend the night befoer we head off tomorrow. I'm so excited right now. I've been waiting on this for the last few months and now I'm 24 hours from being in NYC. I plan on getting some pics up right away after we land and get checked in, posts will probably come late at night though after that. I'm off to waste a few hours, see you again from NYC.

Monday, March 7

One week to go!

All right guys, we are less than one week away from Spring Break '05. So get all your midterms done and get on a plane to somewhere fun and exciting. Erin and I are heading off on our first solo trip. We're going to The Big Apple to see Movin' Out and The Met. Most of you out there are probably going some place warm and sunny, but I think seeing a place you've never seen before will be just as exciting as the beach and the clubs. We're only going to be there for two and half days so we're going to be extra busy. I plan to post at least once per day and get some pics and other stuff up every day. This blog will end once spring break is over so check back often during that week and then things will definitely die down a lot.
I will post next Sunday as I pack for the trip...