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Thursday, June 30

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Monday, June 27

Damn... Double Damn...

We had this idea too...
Ben: We gotta get working on somethin soon...

...and I'll cry if I want to

yesterday was my birthday. Yea me!.... *grumble grumble grumble* Not only did I not get the dinner I asked for, I had to f-ing cook it myself. I'm pissed off at the world right now, I think home and work are causing me too much grief. People around here need to get busy and work, do their job and then keep their noses out of my business.
Other interesting developments include Financial Aid suckage... Where teh F%^* are my 2003 W2s!? I swear today is just not a good day. There's a semi fire burning right now that closed the road that I normally take home... Good greif.
Saturday was a good day, can I go back there please? Birthday with the friends. It was good, food, friends, Gin margaritas, what else could you ask for? Thanks guys, I needed you and you were there.
Other things are not going well (see above and others), things have changed, things are changing. I'm sad and excited at the same time. Whatever. Apathy is a gift.

Tuesday, June 21

I'm bummed now...

I had this idea... They probably had it first...

Saturday, June 18

Another year down

Some of you have been reading this for a while, some just a few days or weeks. Today is the start of year 3 here at Hope you all continue to enjoy my posts however infrequent or odd. Thanks for being here everyone.

Thursday, June 16

The coolest site I've seen in a while

This is not the Gem Sweater, it's actually cool. Chickens on Post-Its.

Tuesday, June 14

another test down

only 2 more to go. i'm not using capitals today. dunno why, just don't feel like it i guess. so anyways, yesterday we went to the zoo for erin's birthday. we go there early enough, thought that the place woudl be pretty empty since it was supposed to rain all day adn actually turned into an amazingly hot day. but nonetheless we assumed it would be kinda crappy, everyone else foudn out ahead of time that it was going ot be nice adn everyoen showed up. it was like trailer park coupon day or somethign but jsut about everywhere we went there was a mom, who was very overweight and wearing spandex, with 9 kids. and these kids were not well behaved, no these little buggers were little devils. another thing, they all had strollers, apparently having a stroller is also kin to having a license to terrorize the rest of the zoo guests and run them over. i swear people just stopped in the middle of walkways to hang out and then when they took off, usually in the other direction, they didn't even look, they just took off and ran into you. we had fun though adn that's the most important thing. i think i might have had mild heat exhaustion/stroke or whatever cause all day i had a killer headache and felt pretty bad most of the night too. after we left i took erin home and then i went home to study for my test and just chill. i went out for ice cream with ben and frankie, but i was home early. i figured since there was nothing on tv i shoudl start editing the zoo cast... yeah, we recorded 5 hours worth and i've only got about 2.5 hours done so far. it probably won't be up until late in the week... i'm trying to pare it down to an hour or so. anything longer than that and it will probably be too long and boring for anyone to listen to. so anyways i'd probably better get back to class... later

Wow... Just wow

Her: it's freakin monkeys doin it
Me: lol
Her: like at the zoo with kids watchin
Me: thats the greatest line i've ever heard from you "it's freakin monkey's doin it"
Me: classic
Her: lol
Her: was
Her: it's monkey sex

Zoos are cool

Have you petted your monkey today?
Erin and I went to the zoo as I'm sure you can see from the pics below. We had a great tiem and I actually recorded a ton of podcast material. I'll post a link as soon as I edit it down from 5 hours to like 1. More to come later when I'm in class

Entrance... our day begins
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Me and the dolphin statues
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Crazy Dolphin statues
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Gecko... not Geico
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Baby Giraffe
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White Rhinos in the mud
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Baby Baboons
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Dolphin tank... we're in the dome here
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Entrance to the Gardens
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Butterfly garden
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Cocoons... a bit Matrixy don't you think?
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Dolphin Art, they paint this and people buy it... cool huh?
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Butterfly Garden
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Worshipping the nuts?
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Erin by the sand thingy
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Man I felt better after this.... What a relief!
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Water Lillies
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Knotted bushes in the White River Gardens
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The beautiful Indy skyline across the canal
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Friday, June 10

Your IQ Is 120

Your Logical Intelligence is Exceptional
Your Verbal Intelligence is Exceptional
Your Mathematical Intelligence is Genius
Your General Knowledge is Above Average

Tuesday, June 7

20 minutes, In and Out

It's test day in Astronomy again. That means that I go in, take a test in 20 minutes and spend the next half hour just waiting on everyone else. I'm in one of the many new labs here on campus. I logged in as usual, clicked start and lo and behold I found an abundance of "open-source" software on these computers. Firefox, Audacity, and some other department-specific apps. Cool, I thought. I fired up Firefox, my browser of choice, thanks to tabbed browsing. No connection to the 'net. Hmm... maybe the Internet is down here... nope, IE works fine. Perhaps the IT people are keeping their jobs by constantly removing spyware from the lab PCs since everyoen is forced to use IE even though Firfox is already installed and ready to go. Idiot!
I'm also a bit miffed at the new keyboards that they have. I'm sure that they are just what is provided to them by Dell, but these things suck! They have the same keys and all, but instead of having any extra plastic at the top, bottom, or sides. they are basically cut to fit the exact shape of the keys, perhaps to look more "futuristic." Ghey.
Life is chugging right along now... school, work all of it. Erin's birthday is less than one week away, I'd better get shopping soon!
Time to go back i guess... see if the rest of the people are finally done yet.

Monday, June 6

Ready to be scared

Gem Sweater Click with caution. I've warned you. It's funny go ahead, click it.

Sunday, June 5

Wow almost 30 degrees. This storm was nuts. Almost over now
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It was hot today. Very hot. Which means it's ripe for storms in Indiana. Here's the radar. Notice the temperature change, notice the winds. Lightning all around. I love this place. Maybe I can podcast tonight if I can get out to see some damage. Lots of limbs down in our back yard. I'll post pics if I can find some.
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Saturday, June 4

WTF Mate?

Friday, June 3

God i hate editing audio, here's how i passed the time

Your Sexy Brazilian Name Is

Rodolfo Cabral