Life or Something Close

Thursday, March 31

OK what happened?

I wore shorts to school yesterday. It was perfect outside. I hear now that tomorrow night there is a chance of snow, this sucks! Nothing really new to report, no test scores yet cause the profs are taking their time grading, but still expecting us to finish a ton of group projects in very little time. Only a month to go though. I'm ready

Is it wrong?

Is it wrong to be insensitive and say "Hey I know you have a life, so do I, I deal with it and still get my stuff done, why can't you?" Cause that's what I want to say right now. I'm sick of other people's lives screwing me over. I manage to juggle a lot of stuff and get by OK, am I just that great at dealing? I don't think so, you're just looking for excuses. I'm not going to carry the world, pick up some slack yourself.

Wednesday, March 30

Me time

I'm in some deparate need of some right now. I need to stop giving everything I have to other people and be selfish for a while. I haven't been that way in a while and I think it's time I started making some changes. I have a feeling I might end up going crazy soon. You're walking all over me and I'm tired of it. I'm speaking my mind and my heart from now on. Changes in life suck. Yes?

Tuesday, March 29

Not a good day and I'm not sure why

I just got home. Talked to the g-parents about stuff. I took my test before that. I went to my room and called Erin, she's busy but will call back soon. I dunno why but today sucked. I'm just in a bad mood and I dont know why really. Maybe I should just go to bed now and wait for tomorrow, except I'm not tired. At least not tired enough to sleep, I'm always tired.
I need some excitement. Life is getting old. This semesteris almost over and I must say that's a godsend. It's time for bonfires, and all that summer junk. I'm done with school.
Things are not going well in life really to be honest. I'm losing it;it'll never be the same again. Life goes on and I'm not ready for it. It sucks.

Dang it's nice out!

I'm at the cafe again, avoiding studying for my test tonight, again. I've studied a bit, but I know for sure that I could do more. It's too nice outside today to focus on anything. We had Bill's class outside today, in and out and done in 30min. I think that's prolly cause he wanted to get back hoem to get on his bike and get out of here. But that's just me.
The last few days I've been tired as crap. Sleeping is just not something I can do lately for some reason. Last night I went to bed early but coudlnt' sleep so I thought that putting some music on would be good, it wasn't. I finally feel asleep, but it was late, too late. I feel asleep with my headphones on. I woke up early this morning cause I was pretty much strangling myself with the cords. Good thing I didn't die I guess. I should go do something productive....

Monday, March 28

Wasn't Blogger supposed to update?

I read yesterday on that they were ging to update somethings and the sitew oudl be down for a while. Well, where are the changes? Everything appears to be just as it was. The spped is better, but the GUI is still the same...
It's Monday again. I slept like crap and I still have to study my butt off... When will it end?

Sunday, March 27

I dont' mean to neglect you

My poor blog. I'm sorry I've been spending so much time posting to Podcasting is running my life now. I promise to psot to you though, I still have loyal readers who dont' get podcasting or just don't want to listen to me drone on.
Stupid eggs wrapped in foil. I can't get that tightly wrapped stuff off... I just want chocolate!
So this weekend I got the podcast thing going pretty well. Some bumps along the way, but we're getting there.
NCAA Tournament is great thsi weekend. Illinois and Arizona game was great and the UNC/Wisconsin game is going pretty well too.
I'd better get back to studying, I have two tests on Tuesday and I'm very unprepared for both of them....

Thursday, March 24

Podcasting is hard work

My first podcast is up. See the link on the right for more info.
It's hard man. Not only comign up wtih stuff to say but also to make it sound good. i've got a lot of work to do on it. But I can only get better from here. Right?
Stay tuned for more, maybe some new equipment tomorrow to test... Roadcasting? hmmm....

Do you love your coffee man?

I do. I'm sitting at the cafe again. Dood just made me a great iced Chai. Except it's not iced. It's luke warm and absolutely perfect. IUK discount rocks. I need to go to Cingular and get that IUK discount setup too. 8% is enough for me to go in.
It's been a day so far. Cops calling, family crap. Just life in general. I must honestly say that I'm pretty happy though, things are going well and look like they will stay that way. Not a whole lot to say. I'll record the podcast when I get home tonight...

I was going to cry...

I woke up this morning to thephone ringing. Usuaully early in the morning I just let it ring and let the machien get it. I listened.... "Hello this is officer so-and-so of with the Garden City Police...." My heart stopped. Apprently they had someone in custody who had the personal information of several people. Michael Bollman was on that list. Fortunately for me it was Michael L Bollman. Not me. So I'm safe. I found it odd actually that they called me in the first place, I dont' think my phone number is listed individually from my parents... hmm... police.. 1984? So I thought maybe I shoudl post some links for you all to check out. gives you access to a free credit report from each of the three credit agencys every 12 months. The other sites out there like this usually require a fee or at least for you to sign up for something. This site is mandated by law to be free. KNowing what's on your credit report can save you tons in the long run. The FTC and USDoJ also have websites setup as information clearinghouses.
Bottom line... Be careful with your information, shop where you feel safe, dont' give out unnecessary information and keep tabs on your credit report. A little work now can save a ton of headache later...

I've got a long day of school comign up, good news is I'm goign to try to work out a podcast today. That's right you heard it first here. is the xml/rss address to set your ipodder to to listen to my new podcast. I'm sure it'll be pretty boring and need a lot of work, but you gotta start somewhere. I'd better get off to school now. Later.

Wednesday, March 23

Random meme I found... copy your desktop (hti print screen) paste in a photo editor, save as jpg, post on blog/LJ... later

For a different old friend.... good luck with everything

For an old friend....

Tuesday, March 22

On the cusp of something...?

I've been waiting all day for this for some reason. I dont' know why, I fee like I have something big coming up in life but I have no idea what it is. I can't really explain the way I feel, it's almost like the anticipation before Christman. I'm just waiting... I just don't know what for really.
I found the greatest coffee shop in the world today. Starbucks has nothing on this place. It's called Sycamore Market Place and it's right in downtown Kokomo. The coffee is great, I recommend the Americano with an extra shot, and the WiFi is free. I turned on my laptop and immediately got a signal. Perfect. The building used to look pretty run down but inside it's absolutely perfect. Just a great place to go, I see it becoming a new hangout for quiet moments and with friends alike.
Check out Kyle's Presidential Site. He's running for student body president for IUK and I must commend his site for being informative and truly well designed. Props to the webmaster.
Not much is really new, I'm still waiting on it I guess. Rebuilt my computer over the weekend. Looking forward to some ball tomorrow. I should go study, I have homework to finish that's due in like 45.

Sunday, March 20

Can't think of anything witty today....

I have a ton to do today but I thought I'd take a break and at least get something up here, since I haven't posted in so long. I've got liek 2 papers to write adn two group projects to work on. The man thing I've been doing all day is working on my computer. Bought a new hard drive to replace the one I lost, and a new keyboard and mouse yesterday. I stayed up kinda late last night getting it all in, and now I'm putting in all the software and stuff. Should be up and running soon I hope. I dunno, not much into talking I guess... later

Wednesday, March 16

Final Photos from NYC

check this link out NYC Album to see all the photos that are worth seeing.

Whew! That was a long 3 days!

Well I'm home now. I'm so tired. Got in about 830ish tonight. I am in the process of unpacking still and getting ready to order some pics from Ofoto and then I'm heading to bed.
This morning we headed to Macys' first thing, little did I know that the website for Macy's woudl be wrong and instead of openign at 8 they actually opened at 10. But we got to see some more of Herald Square and the Manhattan Mall.
This was one of the coolest vacations that I've ever been on, definitely a lot of memories to keep. I'm so tired though. Everythign in NY was a rush, we either didn't seem to have enough time in the day or everyoen else was just so fast moving around us that we couldn't keep up. I really need sleep.

Sunday, March 13

My bags are packed I'm ready to go

For the rest of the week I'll be posting to the NYC blog. Please see the link on the left for updates throughout the week.

Tuesday, March 8

this is an audio post - click to play

Scents that don't make sense

I'm sitting in class right now, smelling something vaguely familiar. I can't explain what it is, or where it's coming from, but it's bringing back memories of many years ago. Something that just struck a note in my mind. I miss that smell, I'm sure I'll never smell it again in the same way. It's almost bastardized now, sitting here in the this stark, industrial room, full of sweet smells.
I have a long day ahead of me...
I wish I coudl come up with a way to get all my thoughts out to the masses, this blog is close, but it's not nearly convenient enough for me. Perhaps an audioblog? Maybe I'll get something going soon and post from my cellphone....

Monday, March 7

Watching a movie and surfing

I'm watching Flight of the Phoenix right now and just surfing around, lets see what I can find of interest....
Bono as the next World Bank Prez? Not sure what to really make of this. As the article saysthat Bono is a very good man possibly for the job. Would The Edge be the VP?
150ft of Ice? This is cool, who else would try this but a bored Alaskan? I'm thinking of tryign somethign like this, the only problem is that in Indiana it would last for 3 days before melting and then it would start over again the next week... On to other things
Bloglines This is a great site that I use several times per day to check in on blogs that I read. Just get the sites for all your favorite sites, add them here and Bloglines can tell you when they are updated, definitely saves you some time on going to a ton of different sites at all the time.
Eyewitness to History A neat site to check out. Ever wondered what it would be like to be at a historical event, this is the place.
Computer Stupidities Check this site out if you're a geek and want to read about some stupid users and their complaints/adventures with computers. I can definitely relate to this site.

I spent the night Saturday with Erin, we cooked dinner together and basically just hung out for the night. Good times. I spent Sunday mostly just chillin' around my house, studied a bit, but probably should have studied more. Work today was pretty boring, did my work and then just listened to some podcasts... One week til NYC

New blog

Hey guys just wanted to let you know that one the side bar there is now a link for my Spring Break blog, be sure to check it out next week for all the happenings. I'll post more later when I get done paying some bills nad finishing up some homework I've been putting off.

Saturday, March 5

A great night...

Last night Erin and I met Jason and Daphne for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. We sat down around 730 and didn't leave till after 10. Honestly I can't remember when I've had such a great time catching up with old friends and just having a good time talking about life. I really miss hanging out with them and I'm not really sure why we haven't hung out before last night. I mean they are just really likeable people and I'm glad that we havea chance to get together and put the past behind us. We laughed, we cried, it was just a lot of fun. Erin seemed to like them, her and Daph got along great. It was just a really cool night.
I've been up since 9 this morning putting up drywall... well I got up at 9 and then the dood helping didn't show up till1030 or whatever, but still I was up and ready... I'm exhausted. Spending the night with Erin tonight. Gotta rebuild my computer soon, it's getting slow and crappy again, but actually It's cool cause I haven't really done anything to it for like a year or more. Anyways I'd better go get some lunch and get back to it. Later

Friday, March 4

Ethical dilemma

I saw something today... I really should say what, or should I? I was just walking around; saw some people using some equipment for something that it wasn't intended for. I think the thing that really got me about this was that they were not only potentially harming the equipment but they were really harming themselves by opening themselves up to either losing their jobs or at least being sued by a less than liberal co-worker. So now I'm stuck on what I should do...
I'm tired, so very tired. I have no idea why but I just could not sleep last night. I was up until at least 4 but I'm pretty sure it was 5 just tossing and turning. Then I heard the rest of my family getting up around 630 and it was all over then. I've been in a bad mood for the last couple of days anyways and this isn’t' helping. I’m getting to that point where I feel like I have no time for myself anymore, I'm sick of it. I need time to veg, turn off the phone, and turn off everything in life and just chill. It was nice, Thursday I did almost that exact thing, but it only lasted an hour before the phone started ringing again.... I gotta go

Tuesday, March 1

A complement and a complaint

Quick wit? I recieved a compliment from a friend today about my quick wit and perhaps I didn't know how to take iright. I meant no offense to him, but I guess I wasn't ready to take it. Perhaps I do think quick on my feet and always have a witty joke ready, apparently people like that. I just don't see it I guess. I'm me, take me or leave me.
Also: if you're doing a presentation for a class/work. Do not read statistics from the slide, word for word. I was sitting in IB today listening to a presentation that went on for 20+minutes. I do not care about the infant mortality rate in France and neither should you, it's a business proposal for the Limited, you shouldn't care about babies dying. The rest of should, but not in teh business sense I guess. Keep a direction in your presentation and make it interesting.
It's cold and windy, it sucks. I'm cold. I'm sick of winter. SB promises to be just as cold though, NYC doesn't seem like a warm place in March. Off to watch the IU/WI game...

We do not live in a bubble...

Was isolationism taught to our parents and grandparents? I was watchign the news today with grandma. I just don't get it, how can you expect the US to be totally isolated from the world's problems and triumphs? We are all part of this earth and party to its problems. Wars are worth fighting, those of you who disagree with my yellow ribbon, screw off and support your troops whether you support W or not. Those boys are fighting for what we take for granted every day. Ever worry about getting lynched for wearing an IU sweatshirt to the mall, didn't think so, imagine worrying about those things daily, waking up to gunshots flying past your head. I'm sick of people thinking that we should just bring all of our troops home and close the borders to everyone. This nation was founded by people who were persecuted for their beliefs and wanted somethign better for themselves and their children. We have that now, at least mostly. Now we are providign that same freedom for those around the world who are not strong enough to get it themselves. We live in a global community, it's time the people of our country realized that.