Life or Something Close

Monday, February 28

Bad Steak or the Flu?

I'm not feeling so hot right now. I woke up this morning to a stomach that was on a rollercoaster. Now I feel just about the same only more tired or something... I'm going to watch Big Fish tonight. Today was boring, I passed up ball so I could rest up. Maybe I've just run myself too thin and I'm worn out... Whatever, it's icy/snowy outside and I have to go to school, pray for a foot of snow by morning... later

Sunday, February 27

Ebay rocks!

I just sold my FM tuner for my iPod on ebay. I had two, so I figured I should sell one. When I woke up this morning there were 3 hours left on the auction, seeling at $30. I sat and watched the last 5 minutes of it, it went from $30 to $45 quicker than I could click refresh. It's great, I'm going to ship it out tomorrow. Maybe I can find something else to sell around here. I need to go to Peru and get an East End coke and some dishwasher soap.. later

Friday, February 25

Boredom begats thought...?

Think about this, how many ofyou out there with a significant other think that: A) I'm male and I'll probably die before my wife therefore I shouldeither make enough money so our savings will support her or B) I'm female I'm going to outlive my husband and I hope we have enough for me to survive on after he dies?This hit me today during a long bout of thinking. Men are socially normed to take care of women and then they die and the women keep living. Of course there are a few bra-burners outthere who will say that no man will ever be their provider or whatever. To all of you I say, this is my rant, go troll somewhere else, I say what I wanna say.
I'm not saying that men have to be the providers but after thinking about my own mortality today, it just kind of hit me that I wouldprobably die before my wife and then I though that I hope that I have enough for her to survive on. I don't know, boredom is one of those things that really gets me thinkingabout weird stuff...
I'm spending the night with Erin tonight and we're heading up to Shipshewana/Mishawaka tomorrow, should be a fun day. I'll fill ya'll in Sunday maybe...

Thursday, February 24

I loathe PowerPoint

I just got home after presenting a group project and then going to a meeting where we setup another PowerPoint project. When will it end? When will people see that PowerPoint is just a way to get around actually writing somethgin meanful?
Do profs really think that learning occurs through PowerPoint? I mean they just put bullet points up on the screen and expect us to absorb something useful? Cause I haven't yet..
I'm sick of group projects and they are only just beginning...
Going to play ball...later

Tuesday, February 22

Not so bad afterall

Just finished my IB test, it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. I got the 3 essay questions that I wanted, think I nailed those even though I didn't answer them in "essay form" I guess. They are lists that need to be explained, not sentences. Oh well one mroe class today and then some ball. Another late night, I'm going to give up sleep eventually I think. Later all...

Monday, February 21


Sorry it's been so long guys;things have been pretty busy lately. Lets get a quick update:
Friday: work.. blah. Hung out with Kyle and Ben, got some steak butter (not as good as I remembered it), went to Jake's show after Annie called us and told us it was free. Great music. Before that though, we played some poker, how weird did it look for 3 guys to be at the car wash getting $5 in quarters each? Ehh it was cool, Kyle's in the hole, but it was a good time.
Saturday: slept in, went to Erin's. OK, you're having a dinner for 15 people at a restaurant, do you make a reservation? I thought yes, no one else did apparently. After deciding that a two and a half hour wait would be too long, Erin and I went to Nothin' but Noodles. 96th St., near Keystone, very cool. Very good. After that we tooled around The Fashion Mall and all that junk, got some cheesecake and I headed home. It was one of those nights that we just had fun... I thoroughly enjoyed myself anyways, it was just a night to be funny I guess...
Sunday: Got up really late, studied for my midterm that I remembered after waking up late (I should be studying now probably), worked on a group project. Jake and Annie stopped by to use the printer andinvited me to their youth group. Good times, I love those small group settings where there is actually conversation about things. After that we played ball till like 1130. I was so tired. I actually fell asleep on my bed, on top of the covers, fully dressed, surrounded by crap that I left on the bed. Around 330 though I finally woke up and changed clothes and got under the covers...
Today I went to work, studied on the clock! Heh... Afterwards I went over to a guys house and tried to help him fix his puter, dood, spyware is the suck! I swear people; get AdAware, Spybot, MS's new spyware thingy, something! They are all free! Use them! I spent 3 hours and I still couldn't get it all off, I'm probably going to go back to fix it. Also on that note, don't download a bunch of useless toolbars and all that crap either... If something says it wants to install and you aren't specifically looking for that program, don't install it!
I dunno guys I guess I should get back to studying and then hit the hay...
NYC in 3 weeks!!!

Thursday, February 17

Coolest sky

OK so the pic of Ben isn't the best, but the sky in the background is awesome don't you think? I dunno.
OK so I've posted like twice in the last hour, I'd better go find something to do. Hmm... maybe I'll go find some music to download or sell my palm on EBay...

A little video?

Ok, so I've never tried this and I'm not sure how well it will work.

But here's a video I shot last night playing ball. It's shaky cause I was all hot and sweaty and junk, but I was playing, deal with it. There's some sound, and if you're on dialup, it might take a bit to download.
Group projects... ugh... I swear they just keep adding up on me. The good news is, I'm stick with my class, I'm going to tough it out and just take the grade that I get. I should be ok. I need to sign up for summer classes soon, money needs to come first.
Hanging out with the guys tomorrow... Not sure what we're doing yet, but I'm sure we'll have fun. It's been a while since we've done anything, I feel soem steak butter and maybe some pool? Who konws anyways I just wanted to post this video, let me know what you think and all that...

Tuesday, February 15

I hate the French Revolution!

I got my test grade back today, I'm dropping the class. I just don't get it, I thought I did ok on it, I mean I wasn't expecting an A but I thought it'd at least get a C or something, I didn't. I'm dropping, it's going to put me back a bit, but hey I've been here long enoguh, what's a little longer. I just want ot get out of here and move on with things I think it's time for me to move on, right?
I've got another test tonight, I'd better od much better on it that I did today, I mean it's Finance so it can't be that bad, I get to use a note sheet and I think I can do the HW ok. More or less anyways. If I fail this one, I'm quitting school and becoming a hobo...
I watch Napoleon Dynamite last night, a good movie I must say. Not the smartest movie, but cool to see now and then. I'm sure it'll go in somewhre between MallRats and VanWilder. Then I went to bed.
I slept liek a rock and coudln't get up, for some reason the past few days have been "one of those days" I'm constantly tired, I feel rushed, and I'm definitely stressed. Maybe I should start doing less or whatever. OK time to go study for a bit, catch you all later.

Sunday, February 13

It's errie outside...

It's cold, but still a bit warm, windy, silent and damp... I was scared to be outside alone actually... weirdness.
On the bright side of things, I had the perfect McDonald's fries tonight, life is good. Off to bed now...

Am I out of sync?

Things are kind of weird lately... I mean I dont' know if anything is wrong but everyone is just acting a bit different, did I do something that I didn't know about? Only time will tell I guess. I'm spending the day doing my usual Sunday thing, studying. So far I've studied for my Finance test and looked up junk for IB class. I'm really starting to hate that class I mean I guess I should try to learn something from it but I feel like at times I'm already in a hole and it's going to be hard to get out of it .
Oh well I'll try my best I guess. I'm going to do something tonight, I just have figure out what it is, want to play some ball, but I can't get hold of Jake so I might like go to kokomo or something and goof around. Who knows.Erin and I celebrate V-day last night, we went to church and then headed out dinner at Don Pablo's and followed it up by seeing Hitch. Dinner was good, although Erin had to drive after that, such a lightweight. The movie was pretty good too actually. I mean i think its chick flick, but it's good all the same. I guess I'd better get back to studying, maybe eat eventually today too... later

Thursday, February 10

One down, one to go

I took my test today for Western Civ. I got the easiest question of the 3 but I still had to write a bluebook full to answer it, I probably could have gone on more, but I figured that oen book shoudl do it. I really need to keep my grades up this semster, goign into my last year I'd love to have a 3.5. Killer Finance test Tuesday night....
Been playing a lot of ball and doing some lifting too. I'm trying to get in better shape overall and honestly I am feelign a little better about myself, although I am pretty tired most of the time, msotly from lack of sleep. Getting to bed at 1isha nd getting up at 8ish is no way to live, but oh well, life goes on, I gotta go get ready to play some ball in a bit.

Tuesday, February 8

Uncle Bill

I have neglected you all by not expanding on my experiences with my professors this year. After leaving class today though I am thoroughly inspired to write about one such professor. Uncle Bill teaches Business Communications here. He's a young prof, 30s perhaps, definitely not your typical prof. His dissertation is on outlaw bikers and their society. I can't wait to read it personally. It seems that Bill has had some problems over the last few weeks though, personal and professional, not sure of what the problem is with either, but it's been enough that today I think he finally cracked. Basically he comes to use to complain, never in detail and never naming anyone specifically, I find it quite enjoyable because he is a colorful man. I think I will learn more form him this semester than I probably have any other semester because of this. He keeps things fun. Surely swearing is condoned by the university, but it does keep our attention raised and we are always eager to hear his stories as well as his lectures. Today Bill cracked I think, he was decidedly more frazzled than usual when he entered the room, albeit his usual five minutes late, he told us that he had some unexpected things come up and was going to be gone for a few days. Going on, he told us that we would have a take home quiz on Thursday and that really if he could he would just cancel class and go on with life, but alas according to university guidelines it is just not that simple. After unrepentantly dropping the F-bomb about his day, he let us go. Uncle Bill is part of the reason that I even go to a class that is otherwise boring and (I think) useless class. It's a requirement; he knows it’s boring, so he tries to keep us entertained, both for our own good and his.

I'm still up

The good news is, now we have rotating pics on the side, refresh to see the whole series of 11... good night all, I have to be up in a few hours again

Favorite Jeans

Did you ever notice that when you get a pair of jeans that you really like, something always happens to them?I'm experiencing that right now. My favorite pair is falling apart at the bottom, I'm still going to wear them or whatever, its just their about to go. I'm sad. BasicallyI'm writing this cause I'm trying to keep my mind off of things that happened today, I knew I should have stayed in bed. I had weird dreams all night that of course I cant remember and then I just saw things go downhill from there. Sadly work was the best part of my day; I actually got some stuff done. I dunno I can't even type right now, My fingers just dont' want to cooperate, I can't get comfortable, I'm just... Just... I don't know what I am, but I am tired of all of this. Tired of the fighting, tired of seeing my friends trampled, tired of nothing being on TV, doing of life? I have to go to school tomorrow, the only good that I see with it is Im that much closer to spring break and a reprieve from all of it, it can't follow me out of state can it? I wish mind reading was possible, catch everyone in their two-facedness and lies. I seeit everyday and probably participate in it to, why? Why must we all save our own ass at the expense of others finding out the truth later? Life just doesn't make sense anymore, since no one is around to talk, I guess Ill go to bed..

Monday, February 7

I thought things were going to get better

I guess it just goes to show that you should count your eggs before they hatch huh? Things are just going from bad to worse, I keep hearing lies from all aroundand I'm not sure who to believe, I have enough stress in life right now for two people. Sure we all have that school/life stress that we all deal with every day I just feel likeI'm special because in addition to that I have to deal with the fact that my life has been screwed up since the beginning and just when it starts getting better, someone else throws a wrench in the mix.
Grrr... It hasn't been a good few days. I also feel like lately whenever I talk people aren't listening to me. I've been saying thingsto many people over the past two days and either they aren't listening to what Im saying or Imnot speaking clearly, because they totally get the wrong meaning to things and panic is started. Life is not that complex right? (see above) maybe it is and I'm just not dealing with it and trying to avoid it all.
I have a test this week on the Enlightenment and the Causes of and Events of the French Revolution before Napoleon. How much fun is it to study for thisbad boy? Yeah, I'm not that excited either. Oh well. I've got to do my Finance HW, I havent started it yet. Hopefully there will be some basketball tonight to distract/relieve me from it though, I need to get out and pound the court or hit the weights, just to vent some frustration, plus I'm starting to look in a little bit better shape. I mean I'm far from ripped or whatever, but I am noticing that shirts are fitting tighter in the arms/shoulders, and looser in the gut area. These are both good things. If I could just figure out how to do all of this without getting so dang sore the next few days, so that I dont' feel like moving. I mean yeah it's supposed to hurt a bit, but am I really supposed to not be able to walk the next two days? Maybe working out 3-5 nights a week istoo much, but that's what they tell me everyone should be doing. hmmm...
It's been rainy and gloomy all day. I dunno what is but for the past few weeks everyone seems to be having relationship problems, whether it been little arguments, full blown breakups for just a "phase" every time I turn around someone is going at it with their SO. Can't we all be happy? I'm trying but life isnt' cooperating right now, I'd better get back to work/studying.... later

Sunday, February 6

I got sick

I just couldn't get away from it I have been sick all weekend. Thankfully though I am feeling much better now. Things are looking up. Went to Benihana with Erin, Jake, and Annie last night, very cool experience, if you like chinese-ish food and you're in Indy, go. The last few days I guess have really been pretty uneventful. I spent part of the day so far studying and getting ready for the two tests that I have on Thursday, yippeee!
I dunno, its kind of one of those days where I feel like doing something productive, but I just don't seem to be able to find the thing I want to be productive at.
I'm going to Jake's to watch the game tonight, other than that, I guess I have to get some studying done. Later all

Thursday, February 3

I can't get sick

I woke up late this morning and I have a sore throat. I think I'm getting sick. I do not have time for this. I dunno why but lately I dont' seem to be getting enough sleep, I mean I have been sleeping 8-10 hours the last two nights, so I'm not so tired, but I guess I've just let myself go too much lately and now I'm going to suffer for it.
Played some ball last night, good times. Got home really late and crached. I guess my mind is kind of blank right now.. later

Tuesday, February 1

Soooo tired

Suddenly I am totally exhausted. I was going to go out to eat with Ben as usual today, but honestly I'm just too dang tired to do it. I'm sitting in the library now, talking to Erin and working on some last minute HW. I really need to get ahead, but I just don't' have time. I barely have time for me right now honestly, the phone is always ringing, there's always someone who needs me, there's always something more to do. How am I going to manage all this? I can't get a moment of peace. The thing is, I'm one of those people that if i'm not doing something, I start to freak out a bit and get stircrazy. I'm going to end up in the looney bin one of these days probably, that or I'll collapse of exhaustion one day and then I won't have a choice. Live hard, play hard, right?
Today is going OK, nothing really exciting at all to talk about. A bit of drama today, but I'm sure it's past, and it really didn't involve me so I could really care less. I can't believe its already February, that means I'm just that much closer to graduation but then again, it means that I've got to get a plan together for the rest of my life. A friend asked me the other day what my plan was, and honestly, I have no idea "what I wanna be when I grow up." I mean I assume that I'll find a job in my major when I get out, but what if I don't and if I do, where do I intend to go with it? It's probably that whole thing that I am so burnt out on routine right now, that I honestly don't care. Everyday is the same thing, SSDD? Yeah, it's kind like that, Sierra Mist! Ha! OK, I laughed at least. See? I'm so out of it right now that I just make up random stuff and laugh at it, people are staring in the library now.
I need to work on my NYC page sometime in the next few weeks, just a quick template to post some pics of our days and get a quick post off, so you all can see what we've seen and done. You want to see that right? Blogger people? You all are still reading what I write? Perhaps by now though you've given up because my blogs, not only infrequent, are usually pretty complain-y. I seem to get on just to ambiguously whine and moan about whatever I'm thinking of at that particular point. I have resolved to go back to the old standard of when I blog and piss someone off, I don't care. This is my space, you all do the same in yours, mine is just more public I guess.

Large... tracts of land and Motorcycles without headlights

I must say that I just had one of the weirdest dreams ever, I can't even begin to explain it. I dunno why I'm posting today, and especially this early in the morning, but basically I'm up and in 30 min I have to go to school, I figured I should do something creative with my time. I'm probably going to go out and take some pics of the cool frost/fog we have this morning, made the trees look very cool. Plus it'll gimme a chance to play with the camera and learn how it works before we head off. It's going to be a long day today, I won't be home until 1130 or 12 probably, cause I think we're going lifting/ballin' after this. I love doing it, I love what it's doing to me, I hate that I have to hurt and give up sleep for it. Oh well anyways I should get to school, catch you all later.