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Thursday, July 7

To my generation

This Age of Innocence Lost by Jonathan Wallace
In case you haven't heard yet, there were terror attacks today in London. Three trains and a bus were bombed by a yet to be named terrorist group. I will not speculate as to who it is, nor is that my purpose for posting today.
When I arrived at work I did not really have a care on my mind, I was told later that there was a terrorist attack in London and immediately my heart sank. I feel pain for Londoners and all English people today, but what I really feel is a heartfelt sadness for a generation that has forever lost its innocence the world around.
Growing up in the post-Cold War era we have been given many luxuries that our parents and grandparents only dreamed of. We did not fear the "bomb," we have never seen a World War; we have never experienced the fear of being drafted to a far off land to serve in the military. But the events around the world including 9/11, the Spanish train bombings, today's London events and several others have stolen that innocence we once enjoyed.
Now we don’t' need to worry about the "Reds" invading or bombing us while we sleep. We must worry that while we are commuting to work our transportation could be blown up or that our offices might be struck. We must go through great security measures when traveling in an effort to hopefully catch someone before something bad happens. The innocents must feel like criminals while the guilty are free to parade around the world and wreak havoc on other peaceful societies.
On 9/11 I felt a sense of patriotism that I don't think I've ever felt before. I was proud to be American, no matter how vile that seems to others around the world. I was proud to see the strength and resolve that we had and the power to overcome and conquer that we showed. I can only hope that the English can rise to the occasion as well if not better than we did.
As a world community, we must resolve to conquer these foes of freedom. We must seek them out and destroy their way of life. I do not mean that to be against any religion or country in particular. I realize that broad stroking of a religion or race or nationality is the exact wrong step to take. We must find the individuals and specific groups that are responsible for ruining our lives and end their reign of terror on everyone.
My intent here is not to critique the choices of the government of any country, the wars being waged in the Middle East and Central Asia. It is merely to say to those that have lost their innocence to these horrid people who constantly must destroy our lives, I feel your pain and I to feel like I have had my life taken out of my hands and thrown to some political force over which I have little to no control.
People of London: My heart and prayers are with you, forgive me for being cliché but "LiveStrong"
People of my generation: Through vigilance and strength we can make the world a place that is once again for our children and the generations to come.


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