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Tuesday, July 5

I love the 4th of July!

**Side note before I even start: I hear much better in my right ear than in my left...**
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Last night was the 4th... actually the entire day was the 4th but you know what I mean. We started off the venign by heading to the fireworks store to buy some firecrackers and bottle rockets. I learned what the numbers mean on the firecrackers (i.e. 40/16 & 40/40) The bigger numbers are better is all I've learned actually. I started with 40/16 at first... and some 99 cent bottle rockets and the obligatory smoke bombs.
We headed back to Erin's to test them out. I was grossly disappointed with the firecrackers, waaay too small for me. Bottle rockets and smoke were fine though. So then we ate tidnner with her fam, ribs rock. After sitting aroudn for a bit longer we again headed to the fireworks store to get some different firecrackers and a larger supply of bottle rockets. 40/40 this time, much better. I got a little carried away though, I ended up with over 750 bottle rockets and probably around 200 sets of Black Cat firecrackers... They are all in my trunk right now, hopefully no one rear-ends me whiel they are still there... BOOM!
After picking up some supplies we headed to Cicero to watch the big display over the lake. Really cool I took some pics and will have a few up here soon. My cam rocks at shooting fireworks I think, much better than before anyway.
I'm peeling bad right now, really bad. I hurts to move still. I got burnt on Wednesday, I should be better now. Wonder if I should start worrying yet? My skin is looking like leather... oh well We'll give it another few days cause I honestly think that I'm starting to get better. I actually slept for the first time in a week last tnight I was feeling so much better.
Better get back to work...


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