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Tuesday, June 14

another test down

only 2 more to go. i'm not using capitals today. dunno why, just don't feel like it i guess. so anyways, yesterday we went to the zoo for erin's birthday. we go there early enough, thought that the place woudl be pretty empty since it was supposed to rain all day adn actually turned into an amazingly hot day. but nonetheless we assumed it would be kinda crappy, everyone else foudn out ahead of time that it was going ot be nice adn everyoen showed up. it was like trailer park coupon day or somethign but jsut about everywhere we went there was a mom, who was very overweight and wearing spandex, with 9 kids. and these kids were not well behaved, no these little buggers were little devils. another thing, they all had strollers, apparently having a stroller is also kin to having a license to terrorize the rest of the zoo guests and run them over. i swear people just stopped in the middle of walkways to hang out and then when they took off, usually in the other direction, they didn't even look, they just took off and ran into you. we had fun though adn that's the most important thing. i think i might have had mild heat exhaustion/stroke or whatever cause all day i had a killer headache and felt pretty bad most of the night too. after we left i took erin home and then i went home to study for my test and just chill. i went out for ice cream with ben and frankie, but i was home early. i figured since there was nothing on tv i shoudl start editing the zoo cast... yeah, we recorded 5 hours worth and i've only got about 2.5 hours done so far. it probably won't be up until late in the week... i'm trying to pare it down to an hour or so. anything longer than that and it will probably be too long and boring for anyone to listen to. so anyways i'd probably better get back to class... later


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