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Tuesday, June 7

20 minutes, In and Out

It's test day in Astronomy again. That means that I go in, take a test in 20 minutes and spend the next half hour just waiting on everyone else. I'm in one of the many new labs here on campus. I logged in as usual, clicked start and lo and behold I found an abundance of "open-source" software on these computers. Firefox, Audacity, and some other department-specific apps. Cool, I thought. I fired up Firefox, my browser of choice, thanks to tabbed browsing. No connection to the 'net. Hmm... maybe the Internet is down here... nope, IE works fine. Perhaps the IT people are keeping their jobs by constantly removing spyware from the lab PCs since everyoen is forced to use IE even though Firfox is already installed and ready to go. Idiot!
I'm also a bit miffed at the new keyboards that they have. I'm sure that they are just what is provided to them by Dell, but these things suck! They have the same keys and all, but instead of having any extra plastic at the top, bottom, or sides. they are basically cut to fit the exact shape of the keys, perhaps to look more "futuristic." Ghey.
Life is chugging right along now... school, work all of it. Erin's birthday is less than one week away, I'd better get shopping soon!
Time to go back i guess... see if the rest of the people are finally done yet.


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