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Tuesday, May 24

Why am I still sitting here?

I'm sitting in class right now. Thought I should update. The prof is talking, but I'm not sure what about... he just drones on about nothing. So here's the update from the past week or so.
Below are pics from the fire we had at Jake's on Sunday night. Great times with everyone.
Yesterday was Kyle's 21st. Happy Birthday man. He left for DC today to do an internship for the summer. I'm sure he's not working in the White House but I bet it'll be a good time.
I'm going to Carb Day at the track on Friday with Ben and Orion... can't wait, I love seeing Indy cars.
Ok so I didn't have that much to say.
I keep getting all these ideas to either blog or podcast about and then by the time I get back to a computer to do them... nothing. Hmm... Maybe I'll try this again later tonight, class is almost over now.


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