Life or Something Close

Monday, May 9

I'm still alive

Sorry for the long wait between posts. Finals are over, finally. School is out. I'm working full time now, 6 days a week when possible. Been hanging out with friends. Just enjoying the first few days of summer basically. The show is going OK, havne't been updating as much as I should, but it's getting out there. People are talking about me on their shows, so I'm very pleased with that.
I start school again on Thursday, only 3 days a week, but it's late at night so that might suck. I just checked out the syllabus online, this prof seems like he's either going to be really cool, or a nazi.
I dunno what else to really tlk about on here anymore, I try to keep the show interesting and feel like I'm being redundant by posting the same stuff here and there. Check out the show, most are short (15-20min), you've got the time.


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