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Sunday, April 24

A weird weekend

Wow, as you can see from the picture below it's been a weird weather weekend. Let me start with that, Friday while in Castleton, we were leaving Best Buy before we could make it out the door, we heard the tornado sirens going off aroundthe mall. We decided that it was best to wait perhaps. I called home to see if I could get any idea about what was happening. Fortunately I found out that the radar all around us was entirely purple. Not red, no that would be good actually, but purple, the color that only shows up when you're about to start screaming "Auntie Em, Auntie Em!" and your house is about to fly away. So we hung in Best Buy for awhile, finally decided to make a run for it to the car. I turned on the radio to find out that there were 3 funnel clouds all around us. We thought about heading north, but then we found out that that's exactlywhere they were heading, so we hung out and let everything pass by. Finally started heading north and saw all the hail that had fallen. (See pic below) Finally got some place with free Wi-Fi and saw the radar. Wow. Cant believe it all went through like that. Anyways, the rest of the night we just hung out and then I went home.
Saturday was another exciting weather day; snow was the order of business though. I went to Erins and chilled for the evening, nothing big, on the way there it was spitting just a bit of snow and cold as heck. As I left, it was snowing a bit harder. I was on my way to Tha Roots in Kokomo to see Jakes show. Salems Voice was having their CD release party. A good time, glad to hear them again and good to see a lot of people there. After the show, we went outside and started throwing snow balls. Yes, enough snow had fallen that we could make snow balls. The roads werent really slick, but it was snowing. In April!, nearly May. Gotta love Indiana weather.
Well I should get to studying, theres only a week left of school and then one day of Finals. Catch yall later


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