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Wednesday, April 6

Man I've been busy

So the last fews days have eebn pretty busy for me. Actually Im' the middle of studyign right now to quite honest. Its that time of year where all the profs decide to remember that they assigned group projects, the semster is almost over, and they haven't actually given out the requirements yet. So I've got two projects to be working on right now. i must say that overall I hate group projects, I feel like a lot of the time I'm always just to obusy to find time to meet wtih my gorup adn then when we do meet, we dont' get that much accomplished because somone (usually me) doesn't want to be there and just wnats to leave.
Everything else in life is going OK i guess, I'm sick as a dog right now, can't breathe through my nose and all that good stuff... Hope to do a podcast tonight, you cna all hear how lovely I sound :)


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