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Tuesday, April 19

It's that time of year again...

You can tell when the school year is almost over, kids are just checking out left and right, ready to just get of school and start the summer. Term papers and projects are on everyone's mind, but in truth you can tell that they are really just counting the days until their last final is over. Moods are up, it's hard not to be happy on a dady liek today with the sun shinning, the cool breeze blowing adn the sound of children playing in the child care playground. No one is really in class, the seats are pretty empty really.
Sorry for the recent lack of postings and podcasts. I've been just as busy as any other college student these days. Two group projects and a term paper to do. And then today I just figured out that I have all 4 of my finals on the same day. Suck! I'm ready to be done. Ready to get to work, ready to make some money.
I'm sure I should write more, but I'm in class right now and I should probably pay attention.


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