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Thursday, April 7

I hate dialup...

OK so after spending about the last hour and half looking for any reason that I could find that my internet wasn't working, my g-ma asked me if it could be Comcast's fault... we dammit if she wasn't right. After dialing the Comcast helpline, pressing 1 about 12 times and shamefully admitting my ignorance, Comcast told me that their high-speed service is out across the state of Indiana. So thankfully I've saved my old Juno account, and I'm online. Dreadfully slow, but I'm on. So I'm here, albeit a little shamed... New 'cast tomorrow night, if the high-speed is back up. The term papers are getting close btw...


  • Hope it is up now. FYI, just pinged our work site - on Comcast, but marketed as Comcast business. If yours isn't up and ours is, strange... we're in the Aeroplex.

    By Anonymous, at 11:40 PM  

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