Life or Something Close

Wednesday, March 16

Whew! That was a long 3 days!

Well I'm home now. I'm so tired. Got in about 830ish tonight. I am in the process of unpacking still and getting ready to order some pics from Ofoto and then I'm heading to bed.
This morning we headed to Macys' first thing, little did I know that the website for Macy's woudl be wrong and instead of openign at 8 they actually opened at 10. But we got to see some more of Herald Square and the Manhattan Mall.
This was one of the coolest vacations that I've ever been on, definitely a lot of memories to keep. I'm so tired though. Everythign in NY was a rush, we either didn't seem to have enough time in the day or everyoen else was just so fast moving around us that we couldn't keep up. I really need sleep.


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