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Tuesday, March 1

We do not live in a bubble...

Was isolationism taught to our parents and grandparents? I was watchign the news today with grandma. I just don't get it, how can you expect the US to be totally isolated from the world's problems and triumphs? We are all part of this earth and party to its problems. Wars are worth fighting, those of you who disagree with my yellow ribbon, screw off and support your troops whether you support W or not. Those boys are fighting for what we take for granted every day. Ever worry about getting lynched for wearing an IU sweatshirt to the mall, didn't think so, imagine worrying about those things daily, waking up to gunshots flying past your head. I'm sick of people thinking that we should just bring all of our troops home and close the borders to everyone. This nation was founded by people who were persecuted for their beliefs and wanted somethign better for themselves and their children. We have that now, at least mostly. Now we are providign that same freedom for those around the world who are not strong enough to get it themselves. We live in a global community, it's time the people of our country realized that.


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