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Monday, March 7

Watching a movie and surfing

I'm watching Flight of the Phoenix right now and just surfing around, lets see what I can find of interest....
Bono as the next World Bank Prez? Not sure what to really make of this. As the article saysthat Bono is a very good man possibly for the job. Would The Edge be the VP?
150ft of Ice? This is cool, who else would try this but a bored Alaskan? I'm thinking of tryign somethign like this, the only problem is that in Indiana it would last for 3 days before melting and then it would start over again the next week... On to other things
Bloglines This is a great site that I use several times per day to check in on blogs that I read. Just get the sites for all your favorite sites, add them here and Bloglines can tell you when they are updated, definitely saves you some time on going to a ton of different sites at all the time.
Eyewitness to History A neat site to check out. Ever wondered what it would be like to be at a historical event, this is the place.
Computer Stupidities Check this site out if you're a geek and want to read about some stupid users and their complaints/adventures with computers. I can definitely relate to this site.

I spent the night Saturday with Erin, we cooked dinner together and basically just hung out for the night. Good times. I spent Sunday mostly just chillin' around my house, studied a bit, but probably should have studied more. Work today was pretty boring, did my work and then just listened to some podcasts... One week til NYC


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