Life or Something Close

Tuesday, March 29

Not a good day and I'm not sure why

I just got home. Talked to the g-parents about stuff. I took my test before that. I went to my room and called Erin, she's busy but will call back soon. I dunno why but today sucked. I'm just in a bad mood and I dont know why really. Maybe I should just go to bed now and wait for tomorrow, except I'm not tired. At least not tired enough to sleep, I'm always tired.
I need some excitement. Life is getting old. This semesteris almost over and I must say that's a godsend. It's time for bonfires, and all that summer junk. I'm done with school.
Things are not going well in life really to be honest. I'm losing it;it'll never be the same again. Life goes on and I'm not ready for it. It sucks.


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