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Thursday, March 24

I was going to cry...

I woke up this morning to thephone ringing. Usuaully early in the morning I just let it ring and let the machien get it. I listened.... "Hello this is officer so-and-so of with the Garden City Police...." My heart stopped. Apprently they had someone in custody who had the personal information of several people. Michael Bollman was on that list. Fortunately for me it was Michael L Bollman. Not me. So I'm safe. I found it odd actually that they called me in the first place, I dont' think my phone number is listed individually from my parents... hmm... police.. 1984? So I thought maybe I shoudl post some links for you all to check out. gives you access to a free credit report from each of the three credit agencys every 12 months. The other sites out there like this usually require a fee or at least for you to sign up for something. This site is mandated by law to be free. KNowing what's on your credit report can save you tons in the long run. The FTC and USDoJ also have websites setup as information clearinghouses.
Bottom line... Be careful with your information, shop where you feel safe, dont' give out unnecessary information and keep tabs on your credit report. A little work now can save a ton of headache later...

I've got a long day of school comign up, good news is I'm goign to try to work out a podcast today. That's right you heard it first here. is the xml/rss address to set your ipodder to to listen to my new podcast. I'm sure it'll be pretty boring and need a lot of work, but you gotta start somewhere. I'd better get off to school now. Later.


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