Life or Something Close

Tuesday, March 29

Dang it's nice out!

I'm at the cafe again, avoiding studying for my test tonight, again. I've studied a bit, but I know for sure that I could do more. It's too nice outside today to focus on anything. We had Bill's class outside today, in and out and done in 30min. I think that's prolly cause he wanted to get back hoem to get on his bike and get out of here. But that's just me.
The last few days I've been tired as crap. Sleeping is just not something I can do lately for some reason. Last night I went to bed early but coudlnt' sleep so I thought that putting some music on would be good, it wasn't. I finally feel asleep, but it was late, too late. I feel asleep with my headphones on. I woke up early this morning cause I was pretty much strangling myself with the cords. Good thing I didn't die I guess. I should go do something productive....


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