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Tuesday, March 1

A complement and a complaint

Quick wit? I recieved a compliment from a friend today about my quick wit and perhaps I didn't know how to take iright. I meant no offense to him, but I guess I wasn't ready to take it. Perhaps I do think quick on my feet and always have a witty joke ready, apparently people like that. I just don't see it I guess. I'm me, take me or leave me.
Also: if you're doing a presentation for a class/work. Do not read statistics from the slide, word for word. I was sitting in IB today listening to a presentation that went on for 20+minutes. I do not care about the infant mortality rate in France and neither should you, it's a business proposal for the Limited, you shouldn't care about babies dying. The rest of should, but not in teh business sense I guess. Keep a direction in your presentation and make it interesting.
It's cold and windy, it sucks. I'm cold. I'm sick of winter. SB promises to be just as cold though, NYC doesn't seem like a warm place in March. Off to watch the IU/WI game...


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