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Tuesday, February 8

Uncle Bill

I have neglected you all by not expanding on my experiences with my professors this year. After leaving class today though I am thoroughly inspired to write about one such professor. Uncle Bill teaches Business Communications here. He's a young prof, 30s perhaps, definitely not your typical prof. His dissertation is on outlaw bikers and their society. I can't wait to read it personally. It seems that Bill has had some problems over the last few weeks though, personal and professional, not sure of what the problem is with either, but it's been enough that today I think he finally cracked. Basically he comes to use to complain, never in detail and never naming anyone specifically, I find it quite enjoyable because he is a colorful man. I think I will learn more form him this semester than I probably have any other semester because of this. He keeps things fun. Surely swearing is condoned by the university, but it does keep our attention raised and we are always eager to hear his stories as well as his lectures. Today Bill cracked I think, he was decidedly more frazzled than usual when he entered the room, albeit his usual five minutes late, he told us that he had some unexpected things come up and was going to be gone for a few days. Going on, he told us that we would have a take home quiz on Thursday and that really if he could he would just cancel class and go on with life, but alas according to university guidelines it is just not that simple. After unrepentantly dropping the F-bomb about his day, he let us go. Uncle Bill is part of the reason that I even go to a class that is otherwise boring and (I think) useless class. It's a requirement; he knows it’s boring, so he tries to keep us entertained, both for our own good and his.


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