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Tuesday, February 1

Soooo tired

Suddenly I am totally exhausted. I was going to go out to eat with Ben as usual today, but honestly I'm just too dang tired to do it. I'm sitting in the library now, talking to Erin and working on some last minute HW. I really need to get ahead, but I just don't' have time. I barely have time for me right now honestly, the phone is always ringing, there's always someone who needs me, there's always something more to do. How am I going to manage all this? I can't get a moment of peace. The thing is, I'm one of those people that if i'm not doing something, I start to freak out a bit and get stircrazy. I'm going to end up in the looney bin one of these days probably, that or I'll collapse of exhaustion one day and then I won't have a choice. Live hard, play hard, right?
Today is going OK, nothing really exciting at all to talk about. A bit of drama today, but I'm sure it's past, and it really didn't involve me so I could really care less. I can't believe its already February, that means I'm just that much closer to graduation but then again, it means that I've got to get a plan together for the rest of my life. A friend asked me the other day what my plan was, and honestly, I have no idea "what I wanna be when I grow up." I mean I assume that I'll find a job in my major when I get out, but what if I don't and if I do, where do I intend to go with it? It's probably that whole thing that I am so burnt out on routine right now, that I honestly don't care. Everyday is the same thing, SSDD? Yeah, it's kind like that, Sierra Mist! Ha! OK, I laughed at least. See? I'm so out of it right now that I just make up random stuff and laugh at it, people are staring in the library now.
I need to work on my NYC page sometime in the next few weeks, just a quick template to post some pics of our days and get a quick post off, so you all can see what we've seen and done. You want to see that right? Blogger people? You all are still reading what I write? Perhaps by now though you've given up because my blogs, not only infrequent, are usually pretty complain-y. I seem to get on just to ambiguously whine and moan about whatever I'm thinking of at that particular point. I have resolved to go back to the old standard of when I blog and piss someone off, I don't care. This is my space, you all do the same in yours, mine is just more public I guess.


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