Life or Something Close

Thursday, February 10

One down, one to go

I took my test today for Western Civ. I got the easiest question of the 3 but I still had to write a bluebook full to answer it, I probably could have gone on more, but I figured that oen book shoudl do it. I really need to keep my grades up this semster, goign into my last year I'd love to have a 3.5. Killer Finance test Tuesday night....
Been playing a lot of ball and doing some lifting too. I'm trying to get in better shape overall and honestly I am feelign a little better about myself, although I am pretty tired most of the time, msotly from lack of sleep. Getting to bed at 1isha nd getting up at 8ish is no way to live, but oh well, life goes on, I gotta go get ready to play some ball in a bit.


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