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Thursday, February 17

A little video?

Ok, so I've never tried this and I'm not sure how well it will work.

But here's a video I shot last night playing ball. It's shaky cause I was all hot and sweaty and junk, but I was playing, deal with it. There's some sound, and if you're on dialup, it might take a bit to download.
Group projects... ugh... I swear they just keep adding up on me. The good news is, I'm stick with my class, I'm going to tough it out and just take the grade that I get. I should be ok. I need to sign up for summer classes soon, money needs to come first.
Hanging out with the guys tomorrow... Not sure what we're doing yet, but I'm sure we'll have fun. It's been a while since we've done anything, I feel soem steak butter and maybe some pool? Who konws anyways I just wanted to post this video, let me know what you think and all that...


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