Life or Something Close

Monday, February 7

I thought things were going to get better

I guess it just goes to show that you should count your eggs before they hatch huh? Things are just going from bad to worse, I keep hearing lies from all aroundand I'm not sure who to believe, I have enough stress in life right now for two people. Sure we all have that school/life stress that we all deal with every day I just feel likeI'm special because in addition to that I have to deal with the fact that my life has been screwed up since the beginning and just when it starts getting better, someone else throws a wrench in the mix.
Grrr... It hasn't been a good few days. I also feel like lately whenever I talk people aren't listening to me. I've been saying thingsto many people over the past two days and either they aren't listening to what Im saying or Imnot speaking clearly, because they totally get the wrong meaning to things and panic is started. Life is not that complex right? (see above) maybe it is and I'm just not dealing with it and trying to avoid it all.
I have a test this week on the Enlightenment and the Causes of and Events of the French Revolution before Napoleon. How much fun is it to study for thisbad boy? Yeah, I'm not that excited either. Oh well. I've got to do my Finance HW, I havent started it yet. Hopefully there will be some basketball tonight to distract/relieve me from it though, I need to get out and pound the court or hit the weights, just to vent some frustration, plus I'm starting to look in a little bit better shape. I mean I'm far from ripped or whatever, but I am noticing that shirts are fitting tighter in the arms/shoulders, and looser in the gut area. These are both good things. If I could just figure out how to do all of this without getting so dang sore the next few days, so that I dont' feel like moving. I mean yeah it's supposed to hurt a bit, but am I really supposed to not be able to walk the next two days? Maybe working out 3-5 nights a week istoo much, but that's what they tell me everyone should be doing. hmmm...
It's been rainy and gloomy all day. I dunno what is but for the past few weeks everyone seems to be having relationship problems, whether it been little arguments, full blown breakups for just a "phase" every time I turn around someone is going at it with their SO. Can't we all be happy? I'm trying but life isnt' cooperating right now, I'd better get back to work/studying.... later


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