Life or Something Close

Tuesday, February 15

I hate the French Revolution!

I got my test grade back today, I'm dropping the class. I just don't get it, I thought I did ok on it, I mean I wasn't expecting an A but I thought it'd at least get a C or something, I didn't. I'm dropping, it's going to put me back a bit, but hey I've been here long enoguh, what's a little longer. I just want ot get out of here and move on with things I think it's time for me to move on, right?
I've got another test tonight, I'd better od much better on it that I did today, I mean it's Finance so it can't be that bad, I get to use a note sheet and I think I can do the HW ok. More or less anyways. If I fail this one, I'm quitting school and becoming a hobo...
I watch Napoleon Dynamite last night, a good movie I must say. Not the smartest movie, but cool to see now and then. I'm sure it'll go in somewhre between MallRats and VanWilder. Then I went to bed.
I slept liek a rock and coudln't get up, for some reason the past few days have been "one of those days" I'm constantly tired, I feel rushed, and I'm definitely stressed. Maybe I should start doing less or whatever. OK time to go study for a bit, catch you all later.


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