Life or Something Close

Sunday, February 6

I got sick

I just couldn't get away from it I have been sick all weekend. Thankfully though I am feeling much better now. Things are looking up. Went to Benihana with Erin, Jake, and Annie last night, very cool experience, if you like chinese-ish food and you're in Indy, go. The last few days I guess have really been pretty uneventful. I spent part of the day so far studying and getting ready for the two tests that I have on Thursday, yippeee!
I dunno, its kind of one of those days where I feel like doing something productive, but I just don't seem to be able to find the thing I want to be productive at.
I'm going to Jake's to watch the game tonight, other than that, I guess I have to get some studying done. Later all


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