Life or Something Close

Tuesday, February 8

Favorite Jeans

Did you ever notice that when you get a pair of jeans that you really like, something always happens to them?I'm experiencing that right now. My favorite pair is falling apart at the bottom, I'm still going to wear them or whatever, its just their about to go. I'm sad. BasicallyI'm writing this cause I'm trying to keep my mind off of things that happened today, I knew I should have stayed in bed. I had weird dreams all night that of course I cant remember and then I just saw things go downhill from there. Sadly work was the best part of my day; I actually got some stuff done. I dunno I can't even type right now, My fingers just dont' want to cooperate, I can't get comfortable, I'm just... Just... I don't know what I am, but I am tired of all of this. Tired of the fighting, tired of seeing my friends trampled, tired of nothing being on TV, doing of life? I have to go to school tomorrow, the only good that I see with it is Im that much closer to spring break and a reprieve from all of it, it can't follow me out of state can it? I wish mind reading was possible, catch everyone in their two-facedness and lies. I seeit everyday and probably participate in it to, why? Why must we all save our own ass at the expense of others finding out the truth later? Life just doesn't make sense anymore, since no one is around to talk, I guess Ill go to bed..


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