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Friday, February 25

Boredom begats thought...?

Think about this, how many ofyou out there with a significant other think that: A) I'm male and I'll probably die before my wife therefore I shouldeither make enough money so our savings will support her or B) I'm female I'm going to outlive my husband and I hope we have enough for me to survive on after he dies?This hit me today during a long bout of thinking. Men are socially normed to take care of women and then they die and the women keep living. Of course there are a few bra-burners outthere who will say that no man will ever be their provider or whatever. To all of you I say, this is my rant, go troll somewhere else, I say what I wanna say.
I'm not saying that men have to be the providers but after thinking about my own mortality today, it just kind of hit me that I wouldprobably die before my wife and then I though that I hope that I have enough for her to survive on. I don't know, boredom is one of those things that really gets me thinkingabout weird stuff...
I'm spending the night with Erin tonight and we're heading up to Shipshewana/Mishawaka tomorrow, should be a fun day. I'll fill ya'll in Sunday maybe...


  • It's great to see you thinking about such things - you SHOULD - I know I do - and you bring up an interesting point as to men usually dying before women.

    I think since women usually out-live us - THEY should be in charge of our upkeep and take care of us financially!

    Nice to meet you!

    By Monkey, at 3:02 PM  

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