Life or Something Close

Saturday, January 22

Stuck again!

OK for real, I'm getting sick of this weather. Last night we started to get what has amounted to about 6-8 inches of snow, wind and general crap. The thing I love the most is the fact that the East Coast is on the news right now for their round of it, but yesterday there was nothing about Indiana... Stupid Midwest and its ambiguity. So yeah, I've been in my room all day today, not doing a dang thing. I studied some, fixed some HTML that I threw together earlier. School this semester is turning out not to be that bad, yet. I emphasize that yet part. I'm sure something will happen later though. I should go now, I've been typing this for 15 minutes, maybe I'll do a classic "trip 'round the net with Mike" later tonight or something.


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