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Wednesday, January 12

It's still winter, right?

OK for those of you who haven't' been blessed with the snow/rain storms in the west, you might have noticed a slightly unseasonable weather pattern. For example, Right now it's 65 degrees and absolutely beautiful outside. Breezy, but awesome none the less. Last night it was also a bit weird, thunder and lightning, in Indiana, in January! WTF?! I don't understand weather any more, I know that global warming isn't' the cause, it's supposed to be 10 on Saturday night... Again WTF?!
Erin's been sick all week, she sounds horrible, I really hope she gets better soon, poor thing hasn't left the house since Monday, and she barely did that. Whatever she has I just hope I don't get it, I don't have the time to get sick now.
So this is the first week of school... woo hoo, right? Well kinda, I mean I am at school for literally 11 hours on Tuesdays and 8 on Thursdays... My profs all seem OK, albeit an odd mix of them. My Western Civ prof is Russian... My Speech prof is a ex-Air Force dood who happens to be writing his PhD thesis on Motorcycle gangs and their symbols... kinda cool. My Finance prof is Canadian, have you seen the Canadian economy? Yeah, that's what I thought. The Korean I have for International Business isn't too hard to understand thankfully, but his name is a slang term for a male body part, Fill in the blank "Hang out with my ______ out!" You get the idea.
I dunno how this semester is really going to turn out, but I know that I want to do as well as I did last semester, love getting my GPA up as high as possible. Lots of big projects though for this semester so we'll just have to see how it goes, yet again my goal is a semester GPA of 3.25-3.5.
OK one quick geek note: Macworld is this week, most of you could care less, but they did annouce something that I find very cool. The Mac Mini, I want one of these babies! Cheap, extremely small, what's not to love. Granted I've always said that I hate Macs, but for this price I might just have to give one a try. I've got some extra money coming in from tax returns, and web design stuff that I could definitely use to buy it. Also, Apple announced the iPod Shuffle, small and pretty cheap again. Holds 512MB or 1GB of music, no screen, but it's only 1 inch wide and 3 inches long. Holy crap! For $100 it could be a great gift for someone who just wants to listen to music while exercising or whatever. I'm too caught up in using mine for audiobooks and podcasting to trade my 20Gb, but someone out there will love this thing.
Wow this thing got long, just a few more notes though. I'm noticing on the stats that a lot of people are reading this through RSS, very cool indeed, its about time that someone started using RSS. I love it personally, its my new favorite way to read blogs quickly. If you are using RSS for this blog and notice anything weird, let me know I'll try to fix it.
OK I'd better get back to something productive...


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