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Friday, January 28

Go away!

What the hell, can't you just go away and not come back? No one has ever expected or asked anything of you but yet you can't go away. You made deal with the devil herself and now you're screwing up everyone else's life. You've ruined in the last two days what took over 10 years to build. And now it's gone. I wake up this morning though to even better news, you also turned your protege in to a snoop. One of the few people that I thought would never snoop on me did, and admitted it, she admitted that she did it for you. Never again. I know whats been done, trust me, there will be a day when all of this will come to be paid. I will be sure to be there to collect it. You're playing mind games, she's your sheep, stop acting like you've changed and you're innocent. I know what you've done, I know what you are doing, I'm not the little kid that you remember as. I've gotten hard over the years to all of your bullshit and i'm personally tired of you ruining her and my lives. You aren't going to do what you've said, you are just going to screw it up again. And this time instead of going down alone you're going to take her with you. Its not fair, she still has a chance, let her have hers before you ruin another life.
The last few days have been pure hell for me. School sucks, life sucks (see above), erin and I had a fight (kinda, but it's all better now), I'm just sick and tired of all this crap all the time. You know once things are just starting to go really go again, people have to come back and ruin it. Always. I'm ready for the weekend but I know that's just going to bring more problems, it always does. SB is coming up in 6 weeks and honestly I can't wait. I'm just tired of people all over my back fro crap that I just don't' want/have to deal with at that moment. Oh yeah and another thing, don't lie to me, someone always finds out when you lie.


  • Dood sounds like you had a bad day,ME TOO! I'm tired of all this crap too man. We all should just sit around a fire and be peaceful,eat smores, and sing happy songs every second of the day.

    By Ben, at 10:32 PM  

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