Life or Something Close

Tuesday, January 25

...and dog-gone-it, people like me

It's been "one of those days" for the last few days really. I feel like Stuart Smalley sometimes, things just not working out the way that I had hoped they would Thank fully all is well now, well at least for now they are. I'm getting my butt kicked at school right now, I have all this work piling up and I have no idea when or how I'm going to get it all done. The good news is thought that me and Erin are going to NYC for spring break now to see Movin' Out on Broadway and then off to see the usual sights we are only staying for 3 days though so I don't' know how much we'll actually be able to see, but I'm sure we'll at least get a good taste of things. Ground Zero, the Met, etc.
I dunno, but basically lately I have been a victim of my own feelings of inadequacy, not towards anything in particular but just in general, just feel like I haven't been giving it my all lately, I've slacked on things that I said I wouldn't slack on and not even really tried on others. I dunno what I'm going to do, I just needed to vent really.
Bloggar 4.0 is out for those of you who post regularly, it's a cool tool to check out, make sure you do if you use blogger or livejournal or typepad or any of those others out there.


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