Life or Something Close

Wednesday, December 29

25 - 6 then 71 - 59 WTF!?

Last night we went to the IU vs. BSU game at Conseco... We had seats that were so freaking high we could see the top of the scoreboard... IU looked like they were going to blow away BSU, unfortunately they have Davis coaching so it became a much closer game.
I've been working from home for the past few days, no sense in driving all the way to Indy, when basically I have everything I need right here. For some reason at 1230 last night I got that sudden creative urge and ended up working until almost 3 this morning... So tired today... I've worked most of the afternoon, going to play some ball tonight probably. Not a ton to say really today I guess.
The snow is melting now, its like 40 outside. More to come later maybe

Monday, December 27

Congrats Jake

Last night we celebrated Jake's birthday at BW's friends and family all around. It was crazy. I think there was some football on, but Jake was much more entertaining. I lost count but I'm pretty sure he had between 8 and 10, 2 of which I bought. We had a good time. Erin and I left there and headed to her house for the night. It was foggy as crap. From what the weatherman says it's going to be like this for a while. The good news is though that the snow is going to start melting soon, so maybe I can wash my car and keep it clean. Its amazing how owning a black car can be such a curse in the winter. Salt and just road junk is so bad looking on my paint. I dunno what I ate or did or whatever but today has been a bad day. Mexican for lunch wasn't a good idea either... Hopefully tonight I'll feel better.... Anyways, better go get this stuff done...

Saturday, December 25

Family sucks

Ya know so people always have to prove a point on Christmas, basically I was just cussed out by my uncle. I'm sick of it, he treats everyone in this family like a piece of crap, he thinks that he's better than everyone and that he doesn't have to show respect to anyone here. Well g-ma finally heard it all go down tonight, I'm pretty sure she's done too, and if by chance she's not, I'm leaving the house anytime that he comes over anymore, period.
I was going to post something worth reading, I'm too mad to deal with it all now, I wonder if anything is open tonight? I really need to get out of the house....

And to all a good night...

Wow, it's been freakin forever since I've even really thought about posting something here, and then I procrastinated about it, alas, I am posting now.
It's Christmas! This year is probably one of the best I've ever had. Thing swith life just seem to be going so well. Erin and I are wonderful, she never ceases to amaze me, last night we did our Christmas with her family. Absolutely amazing. First of all they do this thing where they hid gifts and you kind of go on a treasure hunt to fined them. Mine from Erin was a Claddagh ring.
The celebrated Claddagh ring, as we know it today, stands as a monument to love and friendship. The design is striking and unmistakable, two hands joined together to support a single heart, and upon it a crown. Its motto, not surprisingly, is 'let love and friendship reign'. Traditionally, the rings can be worn in three different manners, all declaring a different status in the quest for love. When worn on the right hand with the heart facing outward toward the nail, the ring signifies one whose heart is free. When the heart is facing inward, toward the knuckle of the right hand, it indicates that the heart is no longer available. And finally, if the ring is to appear upon the left hand, it traditionally means that love has been plighted. MORE HERE
It’s beautiful. There were other small gifts too of course but the ring is amazing. Erin’s parents also did the scavenger hunt type thing, except it a joint gift for me and Erin. You’ll never guess…. Matching iPods! 20GB. Absolutly freaking amazing, I love it. We went to church later, after a wonderful dinner. I am just so thankful for all they do for me, never hesistating to help me even when I don’t’ really want it.
Today I woke up and got the rest of my Christmas with my family. Yesterday I got a DVD burner from my computer, got it all hooked up and burned some Family Guy DVDs, except today I opened them for Christmas, I wasted a ton of time burning… oh well.
I don’t know what I am going to do for the rest of the day but I’m sure I will have to get dressed first. I’m going to try to blog more today, I’ve got some links to post and just general commentary on life to add.

Friday, December 3

Almost 3 weeks

It's been a while since I've written anything on here so I figure it's time to update this a bit. Everyone out there that I don’t' see on a regular basis is pretty much in the dark about what has been going on. Well First off, Thanksgiving was a good thing all the way around. Of course my family is a bit weird and decided to have the traditional Mexican dinner with Enchiladas and all the fixin's... Erin came over along with the rest of my family, at least the part of the family that actually shows up to these things. Then Erin and I headed back to here house for the traditional turkey stuff. Greg, her brother made it; it was good I must admit. I spent the night at her house and we got up at 5 to go shopping with all the crazy people... we I should say that I got up at 5 to shop, Erin just kind zombie'd around with me :)
It's weird how when you think something or someone is totally unreplaceable suddenly knew people come into your lif3e that totally make them seem unimportant. I'm not talking about Erin here actually. Some new friends are just making life much easier lately. I don’t' have to fight to keep things the way they were now, let it go we'll see what happens. I shouldn’t' be like that I realize but some people just tick me off all the time and let them do it. Now I'm done, it's my turn to be the ass about things. Anyways I guess I should get back to work. I'm going to look at a new car tonight, Chevy Cobalt. I've seen pictures and they look OK, don’t' know if I can afford it or not, but we'll see how it goes, hopefully when finals are over in 2 weeks I'll have more time to work (and blog) and therefore get a bit more money saved up. OK later on people