Life or Something Close

Wednesday, October 27

Another day... I guess

I'm so tired right now I mean in the last like 3 days I doubt that I’ve slept 12 hours total. I'm peeling so bad right now from the sunburn that I just itch all the time which makes sleeping really hard overall. I went to bed last night and woke up over and over again, just to itch and stuff. I was tossing and turning all night and the night before actually. Today was an OK day. Nothing exciting really to speak of. Last night I got pictures from Florida and as soon as I get home or to a place with a scanner I'll post some of them. Good stuff. Erin is awesome, she put them all in a little album thingy and it’s just cool. Jake's having a bonfire on Saturday so if you're going to be around, give me or him a call and come hang out with us. Weather providing anyways. I can't wait to get home tonight, I'm going to just chill... Too much other stuff has been going on for me really to just chill for the last few days. I'm tired of doing 'stuff'.
It's weird how simple things can change everything around you, almost like a butterfly effect I guess. People or things change ever so slightly and the world turns into a mess.
Separately, I'm sick of the election. I mean really, people all over the place are debating their points of view over nothing. I mean really if I believe something and you believe something totally different you probably aren't going to change my mind that easily and especially over a coke in the school commons. Just let it go and we'll see how it all comes out in the next week or so. Depending on Florida's voting problems anyways. God, I don't think that I could deal with another 2000 again, that was ridiculous. Let’s get the election done, inaugurate someone and move on with the war, the economy and whatever else is wrong with the country.
I'm so tired, did I mention that already, because I am.
I'm ready for snow, not like blizzard snow, but like heavy Christmas Eve snow. I'm ready for those picturesque mornings when you wake up and the streets haven’t been plowed yet and everything is just so still and so perfect. Nothing beats a winter day like that. Summer days are always full of something gong on, nothing beats the ear shattering silence of a cold winter morning. Time for class.

Sunday, October 24

I'm home...

It's early but it feels so late to me. I got home around 4ish today... The plane landed at 115 or so. My back and sides are so burnt it pretty much hurts to do much of anything right now. I'm glad to be back home, but at the same time when I got home I was almost ready to go back again. Life on the beach just seems so much more laid back and relaxing than living in the corn fields.
Last night Erin and I played in the surf as the tide was coming in at sunset. A perfect night. After we got dried off, we went out dinner at this place called Silas Dent's not the greatest but it was kind of a double date with her parents so it was still all good.
I'm glad to back home, in my house with my stuff, but part of me will always want to live on the beach in the sun and surf... I'm a farm boy with beach dreams...

Friday, October 22

Lobster anyone?

OK so it’s about 8 again and it's the end of day 2. I slept like a deadman... Didn't notice anything until about 930 this morning. Got up got some McD’s… then headed to the beach where Ii stayed until like 230ish… We swam, shelled, all that. Plus we got a jet ski and played around on that for a while… Good times all around.
We headed up to Tarpon Springs, nothing great to see, but still cool. Now I’m headed out the beach to walk with Erin. GW Bush is in the main hotel down the street so there are cops everywhere… its crazy around here…. Later

Thursday, October 21

The End of the First Day

A beautiful end to a beautiful dayIt's 830 here now... It's been a very long day. I got up around 430 took a shower and headed straight out the door for the airport... Everything seemed to go pretty smoothly but I just totally reaffirmed how much I hate flying. Once we got here, it was absolutely beautiful when we got off the plane. Once we got to the hotel, and of course that was cool we went over to the beach. Well I guess I should say, we went out to the beach, it's in our backyard basically. Anyways though I took off for the surf and while I was messing around with Erin and stuff in the surf... well I lost my glasses. Totally gone, we spent a bit of time looking for them but it was pretty much useless considering the surf here is crazy... Anyways though in perhaps the most amazing act of kindness I've ever seen, Ron bought me a new pair... you don't want to know what they cost and it really doesn't matter, I can see again... all is well. I guess I should get back to doing something with the fam... Later all.

Wednesday, October 20

Fed Up!

I've had it. I just hate when people what me to be part of their lives then for no good reason go off on me. I mean really either I'm there or not , you make the choice and get back to me on it. A conversation that is totally facetious always gets thrown around the wrong way by innocent bystanders and suddenly I'm the bad guy when I did absolutely nothing wrong at all. I'm sick of it. From now on I'm out of everyone's life but my own. Not trying to help anyone, not trying to give anyone a leg up on anything. I'll be so glad when the morning gets here... I need a vacation. Also on a totally different note... I think I'm going to try for some internships over the summer. Nothing huge and I'll probably keep my current job too, but I think I need to work on some resume building while I still have time to do it. I mean technically I'm a junior as far as class standing goes, a senior by December. I just haven't taken all the junior classes yet because I can't seem to find a way to go to school and not have a job at the same time... Anyone win the Powerball lately and want to loan a poor college kid some money? Whatever I'm going outside so I can get to history on time and blow this popstand...

It's been a week!

Well I just got done taking my fourth test of the week. MIS sucks. I think that's why I'm going to change my major actually. After taking this class I've decided that SAP just isn't' the way to go. I'll be a Management/HR major instead. I finally got in to see my advisor the other day and know I realize that I'm going to be here at least until May of '06. The last week has been cool. Matt is back in A-stan. Erin and I are still great. I worked on Saturday instead of going to Regionals, but hey at least I got paid. The other thing that I noticed on Saturday was f-ing snow. Snow! In October! Grr... I spent most of the weekend studying, or at least trying to study. Monday I went out with Jake and some guys to BW's to watch MNF. I didn't realize but BW's gives away a 27' TV every Monday after the 3rd quarter. I didn't win of course, but now I have a good reason to go. Heh. Last night I spent the better part of the evening trying to get everything ready for Florida. Man, I didn't realize how little I travel and how hard it is to find everything that you need when you really want it. Today, after history I'm going to Erin's sleeping a bit and then I'll be in FL by 930ish tomorrow. Heh. How cool is that, right now I'm sitting here in a hoodie and tomorrow at this time I'll be on a beach in shorts... gotta love it. I don’t' know what else there really is to say but I'm taking the laptop with me so I might just another entry in while I'm in.

Wednesday, October 13

Don't talk politics with the grandma

Or... Don't try to rock the boat in math class
Yesterday was probably one of the weirdest days that I've had in a long time. First of all when I got up I was watching the news in the living like I do just about every morning, they were talking about the Presidential Debate that's happening tonight and all that stuff. My g-ma asked me about who I was going to vote for and all of that. Now I should preface this by saying that family is a family of union-proud factory workers that has probably voted Democrat since the 70's. I told her that I think Bush would probably be my choice and proceeded to argue with her about the war for the next 15 minutes. Of course as is the case when arguing anytime with her, I lost, not because she beat me with a point but because you can't change her mind once she's made it up so it was useless to even start arguing in the first place. Either way I learned my lesson, no politics at home.
Also when I finally got to school and the prof. was talking about God-knows-what this dood.... I don't know his name and it really doesn't matter anyway, was trying to prove the prof. wrong about some mathematical point she had just made. I mean really.... She wasn't trying to prove that 1 + 1 = 5... She was proving something about probability or something. This guy, who is also in my MIS class where he is also a loudmouth know-it-all, just kept going on and on, finally the prof. was like "Look, this is how it is, take it or leave it." I mean c'mon, you're a 20-something college kid, she's a tenured prof. with a PhD in Math; I think she's got you on this one.
Anyways though after that my day just continued to get worse and worse. I went to work and got some stuff started, but then I started feeling like crap. I was tired, dizzy, hot, and cold, you name it, I had it. I left early and went to Erin's to sleep for a bit, like 2.5 hours... Woke up, ate some salad and pie crust and then just sat around until like 10… went home and went straight to bed… It was good…
Now I’m in the library just chilling, listing to some PODCasts… Basically radio-on-demand. It’s good; I’ll blog about it more later.

Sunday, October 10

Not sure why I'm even writing

I guess it's because I feel an obligation to someone out there to write now and then just to keep everything up to date. I think I'm going back to the old layout though, the blue one, more space and all that junk... soon I guess.
Anyways the weekend was cool. Friday we went out with Orion and Katie... Dinner was ok I guess, but to make things worse I locked my keys in my car again! It wouldn't have been so horrible but it started to rain and the cop that was supposed to come and help me did n't see us so we had to call again. Grr... Finally got it opened, thank god for slim jims and then went straight to WalMart to get copies made for Erin to keep at home so I won't do it again hopefully...
Saturday I woke up in a bad mood. I dunno why, I got like 11 hours sleep I should have been fine. I decided that I just needed to get away. My thought was to go to Bloomington to enjoy a fall day or something. Instead though Erin and I went to Muncie and hung out with one of her friends. Went to CC down there and ran into a guy I used to work with, turns out he lives like 1/2 mile from Erin. We went out to eat and then saw Ladder 49. A really good movie actually, go see it. NOW!
Today I woke up, got some HW done and then went to BW's with Chris to cath the Colts game. Didn't see a lot of it cause we were just chilling and stuff, but it was a good game from what I saw. Came back to town tonight, watched some tube and just chilled. Sausage on the grill is great stuff. After Family Guy, Erin headed back and now I'm here... I guess that's all... I hate that this thing has turned in to more of a Dear Diary thing instead of some kind of outlet for my feelings... oh well... later

Wednesday, October 6

I just need five minutes!

You know today is one of those days when I had everything planned out. I was going to sit and watch a movie in the library and just chill for a while. Enjoy a wonderful afternoon and really just put the troubles of the world behind me. But what happened? Well first I ended up trying to ditch a tail like a KGB op in Washington. I swear, it was like I had a shadow and couldn’t find any place dark enough to make it go away. Aren’t the headphones a hint? Apparently not. Tonight, I’m going home. Period. Not going to do anything but hang out by myself. I feel like at times that I haven’t had five minutes to myself for a long time. I need it, I crave it. I just want a day off… A day off from life. Maybe that would fix things, I’ve probably said the same thing before I’m sure, and I’m sure that it hasn’t before… but hey it’s a shot again.
I have a ton of math HW that I should be doing right now but instead… I’m blogging and watching Schindler’s List on the computer… Works for me I guess.

Sunday, October 3

Why the heck am I up this early?

It's 1130 but I've been up since like 10... It's weird. Last night was awesome though. Erin, Matt, Ali and I went to Indy for a night out on the town. We got all dressed up and headed to The Melting Pot and then after that went to Crackers in Broad Ripple. It was a good night I guess. The girls looked great, the food was awesome. One thing that wasn't as I expected was the fact that the comedian at Crackers was the exact same one I saw there last time I went. He used a lot of the same jokes actually. Oh well though, it was still fun
This weekend has gone really fast for some reason. I mean half of Sunday is already gone. I have tons of studying to today and I think after that Erin might come up or if she doesn't I'm going to start something that I should have started when I first thought of it. Who knows though, it's still early enough that I have no idea what I really want to do all day.