Life or Something Close

Thursday, September 30

Why the heck am I awake at 1am?!?!

Well it goes like this... Around 11 I was getting ready to go to bed... an old friend popped up on IM... We talked and talked... finally got around to gmailing mp3s around and here I am wide awake now... grr...
The dates for Florida is final now... Oct 21 I will wake up in IN and sleep in FL.. woo hoo... I should be back by the 24th. Tomorrow is another day... or is that today is another day?... whatever... going to watch Family Guy and hit the sack way too late

Wednesday, September 29

He's back...

Matt came home yesterday. It was good to see that he's the same cynical guy that he was when he left. It's cool to know that no matter how far and how long your friends go away that they can still come back basically the same. I guess we might hangout tonight but who knows... He's buying clothes and junk since nothing fits him now.
I dunno, it's another boring day in the quad... at least it's cold out now and I can freeze a bit... I guess I shoudl go do something... later

Monday, September 27

Spending it like I've got it...

I went through $20 today I don't remember how. I woke up got dressed, went to class, bought a coke for $1 on the way in. Went to lunch at BK for $5, came back to school chilled til lab, bought yet another coke after lab, $1. Candy: $1.25. Took Bio test, got 94%. Went to Long John's, got chicken, more coke. $5. So that's like a total of: $13.25... Where's my other $6.75? I have no idea seriously. Secondly, I drink way too much coke when I'm at school without my water bottle and stuff... Gotta get that thing back from erin so my kidneys don't like fall out or something in the next year. Today was actually pretty good though. I mean I got a 94% on a bio test, what else could you ask for? I dunno... I'm watching MNF and supposed to be doing some math HW, but I'm totally lost for some reason, it's amazing how not understanding the terminology in a class can really hinder your efforts to study. Oh well off to the races... I have to plan the weekend that isn't' here yet...

Sunday, September 26

I'm so sore...

Ok so this weekend was one of those weekends where I felt like I was at a dead run all weekend. Saturday I got up early and headed to Erin's to help her dad do some work in the woods by their house, ok it's not really a woods, more like a tree line, but that doesn't really matter. I wielded a chainsaw for like 7 hours basically and I'm definitely paying for it today. I hurt just about everywhere.... Yeah even there.
Today was a good day though, slept in finally and got some much needed HW done. Then I found out that Matt will be home on Tuesday afternoon. So I called in and took the afternoon off so that I could meet him. It's going to be an interesting 2 weeks that's for sure.
Don't you think its cool how you can be gone from somewhere for like 6 weeks, walk right back in and feel like you haven't missed a beat? I love it, just hung out and had a good time. Just like old times
I have a bio test tomorrow, a history test Wednesday, and MIS quiz probably too... grr... Stupid profs getting in the way of my plans... oh well I'll be ok I guess.... Off to bed...

Thursday, September 23


I've got 7 Gmail invites for anyone who wants them. Leave a comment and if you're in the first 7, you'll get one, no strings attached. Just passing on the karma... Leave a comment.

It's late

Too late to actually be up. I just can't sleep for some reason. I think there might be something wrong, this is happening more and more. The good thing is that for some reason when I'm really tired, I can type better than when I'm wide awake. I did manage to get my new router setup tonight after not being able to sleep, perhaps I should reverse my schedule and start sleeping during the day and working at night... Doubt that would actually work though. School is really hard to attend at night.
Went over to Chris' tonight, his grampa died Monday so I wanted to go see hwo he was doing. I actually met him at Mac practice first, as it ended he went out for a "staff meeting" and I decided to go over to see Terra for a bit with Orion. We ate Taco Bell and just chilled basically. The "staff meeting" turned into a trip to the Hugger, which I was invited to, but at 1130 I'm just not in the mood to drive to Kokomo to see ugly girls dance naked...
But I did get the wireless fixed, woo hoo... Now I can be incredibly lazy like I am right now and lay in bed and surf the 'net and blog. Anyways, it's going to be another long day tomorrow too... Can't wait for vacation time... I need some days of nothing to get me going again..

Wednesday, September 22

I'm loving life right now...

It's one of those days again where I want to be alone but it's not because I'm like mad or anything, I just want to chill for a bit. Went to Best Buy today, bought The Simpsons: Gone Wild, The Star Wars Triolgy and a new router. Now I'm chilling in the library watching an episode of The Simpsons and surfing...
Yesterday I went to work... what work it was... We poured 13 square of cement... Actually i just helped spread it around, I'm not that great with a float. But it was still a lot of work. Today I got up a bit late, made it to school on time though, went to lunch at Applebees and then headed to Best Buy....
Anyways though, just thought I should post something today since it's been a few.

Monday, September 20

The laptop

My new Laptop!Here it is... Not too shabby

Sitting in the quad part 2...

You would have read part 1 if I hadn't been kicked offline just as I was posting it and lost it all. So this post is a rehash of the randomness from 15 minutes ago.
Bored. That's pretty much what I've been all day today. There isnt' much going on and I don't have that much to do. I'm sitting out in the quad just chillin. Playing with the laptop that Erin's dad bought me yesterday. I'm truly honored by all of them actually. They took me into their family almost immediately and made me feel more welcome than I ever have before. Good things are going to happen, I can tell.
Yesterday I went over to Erin's and we chilled in the hot tub for a bit. It was like 130 so I think my heart stopped a few times. Actually, when we got out and went in I was still sweating for like an hour or so. Not cool.
I got home at like 1230ish and tried to go straight to bed cause I wasn't feeling good from the tub. At 3 I finally got up and ate half a bag of Doritos and felt much better, and finally feel straight to sleep. After 6 hours I got up and went to class... yea...
It's one of those perfect autumn days today, the days with a light breeze and the perfect temperature. All you can hear is the rustling of the leaves and a car driving past now and then. Perfect. Almost perfect anyways... They just started up a man-lift so now instead of hearing leaves, I hear a diesel engine revving and idling... what fun.
I think I'm like vitamin deficient or something right now cause all I've been doing lately is craving fruit or something like that. Maybe I should go get some from the cafe... mmm... transfat free fruit....
Anyways I guess that's enough of this rambling.... I'm going to find a banana...

Sunday, September 19

Lets go!

It's been one of those days so far today, the kind of day where I feel like all I'm doing is hurrying just to wait again. I dunno, I got a lot done on my Access Project today but other than that all I did was read and watch football. Colts won. Going to Erin's tonight, might do a run through Circuit City before that though.
Last night was the Sounds of September contest at Mac. We got there around 9ish and caught the last 3 bands and then headed over to Chris' to chill for a bit. Nothing like Friday night though. Kings is a great game to play and it's better with BBQ. I dunno, I guess I really don't feel like writing after all... later

Wednesday, September 15

Changes complete

I think the website stuff is taken care of now, that is everything shoudl be back to normal. I would like to take this time to also formally annouce the opening of! Nothing up there yet, but I've got a few ideas. Also I have email addresses available to anyone who wants one, leave a comment for more info.

Monday, September 13

We interrupt this program...

New webhost coming soon. Site might go down for a bit, but it'll be back. Now with Fuzznik!

I'm buying this...

Billy Joel wrote a children's book. I normally don't buy children's books but Billy Joel is the man and this is quite possibly one of his greatest/most underappreciated songs. It means something to some of us out there... I'm buying it.
It's not quite I Am a Manatee by John Lithgow, but it'll do. *wink* Terra

Drama in the library

I'm sitting here in the library as is always the case on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. It's cool and quiet, mostly. There is a man laying on a corner couch snoring, this man is probably one of the most annoying people I've ever seen. He's in my MIS class too, always the one who tries to relate the topic of the class to his chosen profession, healthcare. I mean I understand that this is a campus is about as varied as they come, young, old, all colors. There are people here who are straight out of high school and people here that are elderly and merely coming here because they never got the chance to go to college in their youth. This man however is freaking annoying just about everyone here... A 30-something man just got up and asked the snoring man to either stop snoring or move. Perhaps a fight will occur between two middle-aged men after class in the parking lot. He's leaving... thank goodness. Go sleep elsewhere, there are plenty of benches somewhere else on campus.
I also want to add that today is probably one of the hottest days in the last month or so. Weatherbug only says it's 84, and the humidity is 40% but still it wasn't this hot back in July when summer is supposed to be horridly hot. I dunno, maybe I'm bitter because I wore jeans instead of shorts... who knows. Off to make some phone calls and chill off-line for a bit....

Sunday, September 12

The weekend is over...

Mostly anyways. It's been an interesting string of events this weekend. First off, on Friday on my way to work I called in to the radio station and won 4 tickets to the Purdue/Ball State game on Saturday. Once I finally got to work, late on my first full day, how bad is that? Anyways, I got there and basically spent the rest of the day trying to get rid of them, cause I really didn't' want to go. You would be amazed how hard it is to get rid of 4 tickets in the 4th row on the 40 yard line to a Purdue game with only one days notice. I finally sold them though. Anyways then I spent the rest of the weekend with Erin. I don't' know why but lately I feel like all I do is rush around and try to get everything done in a short amount of time. The thing is, I don't have much to do really. I dunno why I just feel overwhelmed and frustrated, but I have no idea why. This week is lining up to be a crazy week again, but again, I have no idea why I just feel like I'm totally too busy for my own good or something. I dunno. Today was good, I've done nothing mostly. I mean I got up Arden 1230 and then sat around until 4ish, got dressed, washed the car and sat back down. I studied a bit, but really didn't do much of anything. I think later tonight I'm going to head to a friends house and chill for bit. Last night on the way home from Erin's I talked to Emmy most of the way home, fixing Dave's puter again. It's cool I don't mind really, got to catch up and stuff too.
The other new thing that's going on is now I am the proud owner of, it's not up yet, I'm still working on the design but it's coming. To anyone out there who is looking for a new email account let me know and I'll get you the details on your very own address, probably for free too. Anyways I gotta get some more nothing done. Catch you all later

Wednesday, September 8

Yard Rash 3: The electric lemonade stand

Wow, that was my only bit of creativity today. Let me tell you about this weekend though, quite possibly one of the coolest in a long time. Labor is the last day of summer, I mean that's it, the first days of school and the last days of hot... er something like that... anyways on Friday, Jake and I went over to Purdue to Adam and Josh's to chill... good times all around. Spit is really loud falling two stories on to a foosball table...
Saturday I went straight to Erin's to chill; she totally surprised the crap out of me and yet again proved to be the greatest. She got us tickets to symphony on the prairie and made us a picnic of fried chicken and all the trimmings. We sat out all evening under a clear sky and listened to the River City Brass Band play all our favorite tunes. The good was great, the music, was great and Erin is truly spectacular. It’s great to have someone who just surprises you at every turn. Sunday I chilled at home most of the day and then that night I went down to Erin's and we took Ali back to Anderson, I never realized that Anderson was that close. Too bad we missed a turn and ended up taking the long way home, we got there though.
Monday was Chris' party. Imagine this: Electric Lemonade, Four-wheelers, and a knee board. Yeah it was probably the coolest thing in the world and then we added a ramp in the yard and it got better. I got yard rash from flipping off the thing and actually I think I have a huge lump still on my leg from one of my "landings". Some old friends showed up to, unfortunately Erin couldn't be there cause she had family stuff to take care of. But it was good to see Josh and Auds again for sure. Yesterday was my first day working at PSF. I'm now a CAD designer, designing countertops for PSF. It's pretty cool really, I mean I get to be kind of creative, my boos is awesome, and I get to do some tech support stuff while I’m there on their equipment so there's always something to do. Learning CAD is going to be the hard part, but I’ve already picked up a bunch already and I think I’ll do fine. Anyway I’m ending this... it's long as it is...

Wednesday, September 1

Stupid Modest Mouse

Float on is stuck in my head, I hate that song but more and more it's growing on me. I'm at school just waiting on Bio to start. Brougth my laptop today so that I can watch a movie while I sit there adn do nothign for the most part. I swear, this guy just talks and talks and talks.... most of us just sit there and do nothing. I don't even know why I'm sitting here writing this cause honestly I have nothing to say. I'm outta here not even going to use spell check, cause I just dont' care