Life or Something Close

Monday, May 31

A long weekend that ended too soon

I’m sitting here realizing that the weekend is nearly over. It’s been quite the eventful weekend really. Party on Friday was rockin’ tons of people that we didn’t even realize would show up and just a good time all around. Definitely something that we’ll have to do again… probably should take a break from it though and let everyone recharge a bit. Then on Saturday I played golf a bit, didn’t shoot too bad but bad enough. Saturday after we got everything ready for Sunday I went to bed early. Then at 4AM yesterday started… What a day. First of all we got there at about 7… the race normally doesn’t start till 11 anyways. We walked around a bit in the infield. Actually ran into some people that I knew. Weird to see guys from the old IUK crowd. Finally we got to our seats, pretty good seats actually but then the waiting began…. Indiana gave us a taste of its wonderful weather. First they started about 2 hours late then there was a delay then they got going again. Finally after all the caution laps and stuff the race was basically called at 630 as the skies opened. While we were walking back they told us that there was a tornado around and that we should hurry. I got to the car totally soaked, changed clothes and started driving… We were going to stop in Carmel and eat, but with the weather being so bad we just decided to drive home, as were heading down 26 they said that there was a tornado about 10 miles behind us. Not cool. We went to Annie’s aunt’s house… chilled there while things blew over, it sounds like they really did here at home; parts of Peru are wiped out…. So sad. Really it is. Today I got up late, played some more golf.

Things have been different lately. Some old things are just not working anymore. I don’t’ really know what’s happening with life right now.  I dunno tomorrow starts another week, lifting tonight… I’m outta here.

Monday, May 24

I'm rebuilding my puter tonight...

So tonight after being totally frustrated with the way that my computer was running, I deleted everything and started over... Then I went and lifted and played some ball with the guys. I should have known it wouldn't go smooth. I installed Windows 2000 instead of XP. So now I'm sitting here on the laptop waiting on XP to get done installing again... grr.. Anyways, we lifted.. I'm pathetic but that's ok, I want to be able to bench my body weight (170) by Labor Day. Only 60 pounds to add. That should be do-able. Right? Anyways on to other stuff. Today was really tiring. I worked all day of course, a tech didn't show this morning so that threw everything out of kilter. Is kilter even a word? Hmm... must be a midwest thing prolly. Anyways I was cleaning out old stuff tonight and came across an old email. You know those emails that you write and you probably never should have? Yeah, found one of those, thank God I didn't send it. Maybe someday I'll send it just for fun... Just to get a reaction more than anything. The weekend finished up pretty good actually. The fire was good, I'm rested... It's all good. Ahh,... Only 5 more days to the race. I can't wait... I'm ready for something new and exciting. I'm sending Matt a box tomorrow. It weighs about 20lbs... Postage is going to be unreal, but I gotta help my boy out. He's defending everything that we love and take for granted. I hope all of you out there will say a prayer for him and his unit tonight. He's having a rough time over there, seeing guys shot and stuff... Hang a yellow ribbon for the 221st. G'night all

I hate Mondays

So I'm sitting here at work right now. Yes that's right at work. I should be in Logansport right now setting up a new system for a doctor's office. Instead, my lead tech is in bed sick today and instead of getting things done so that tomorrow I could play catch up; now I'm playing catch up when I really don't have that much to catch up on yet. We have a lot of work to get done around here in the next few weeks and any small glitch is going to just snowball for us.
Last night we had a party/campfire at Jake's. Good times. Do you realize how hard it is to catch a wet foam football in the dark? Dang near impossible. Anyways though the fire was cool, we had some friends there and it was just a cool night. I had my doubts about whether we were even going to have it actually, it stormed almost all day. Then around 730 the clouds broke up and we had a beautiful night under the stars (with a little lightning in the distance). This week promises to be as hectic and stressful as ever. We've got to get ready for the race on Saturday, I think there might be something going on on Friday night. I've got class too, crap, HW, forgot. Anyway though I think things are finally getting better with everyone and that we will all be ok. Some day can't come soon enough though.

Sunday, May 23

Notice the new site...

OK it's not that new I guess but you should all notice that the new address is just now you can leave off the .htm thing that you had before. I updated some stuff today. Let me know if you have problems

Saturday, May 22

Sam on TTY

So the last few days have been cool actually I think for me. Work is going pretty good, I've been in Noblesville and Logan for the past few days so I cant' say that I've been bored by sitting at my desk. As a matter of fact yesterday I got a call from a lady who had a man on the phone who was using TTY. Now I've never really known anyone who was deaf or that used TTY so this was my first brush with a call like this. Basically it goes like this, they introduce themselves through a reader basically. Someone actually has the job to just sit there and read what other people are writing to someone, then they typed whatever I said back. Same was looking for a new HD. Usually a simple enough request but he wanted a specific one that we didn't carry, one that he wanted by today. That's just not possible, I think he was pretty mad too, he hung up on me. Kinda rude considering it took almost 20 minutes on the phone to find out what he wanted and then for me to confirm it.... whatever though... I'm moving on.
Last night we went to Kevin Pollack's show at Crackers. This man is hilarious. He does impersonations and just that will kill you. Chris Walken and Jack are probably the best that I've ever seen. Went to Macaroni's before that, pretty cool I must say. Got stuffed that's for sure. I dunno what else I can really say right now. I have a ton to do today, my mind is all scattered about... I'm going to go eat and then get started on what I have to do today.

Friday, May 21

Email posts

So now I can post to this thing via email. Possibly I'll update more. Blogger has changed their site around quite a bit. New changes coming soon.

Tuesday, May 18

You don't know how it feels...

The last few days have been some of the weirdest I think I've ever had. First off, I've been hanging out with friends that I haven't seen in years. One is getting married really soon and although we've talked off and on, we really haven't done anything since my first go around at college. We went out to play pool and then to dinner, good times I suppose. Things never change really, but then again they do. Then I've been hanging out with an old good friend. Not much to say other than I'm glad we're friends again. Then there's the other person that I haven't talked to in a long time that suddenly I can talk to again. She's great at just listening to me and making me laugh, or at least see the right perspective on things. Things will never be how they were. That's ok, I don't want that, I want them to just be good.
The other big news is that the girl is no more. I don't' really know if there ever was a girl, but essentially things just didn't work out. It's hard to move on. It's hard not to be selfish and keep everyone else from having a good time. I'll be ok, and everything will be fine. I told myself and everyone else that no matter what happens it'll all be ok and I'm going to make sure that it is. Too much is riding on this summer to let it go bad on something stupid. There are still issues to resolve, but time will work those out.
On a brighter note I do have tickets to the Indy 500 in two weeks. It should be a good time, we got great seats. Near pit road, just off of 4 with a good view of 3, 4, front straight and the entrance to 1. I've got my DMB tickets too. B is going with me, she's a blast, I'm sure we'll all have fun. Never been with 6 people before to a concert so it should be interesting. I guess I'm just too impatient lately. Things never happen fast enough for me lately. I just can't seem to wait on people to make up their minds or for days to get here when we are doing stuff.
Like right now it's almost 1am on Wednesday. I'm dying for the weekend to get here. I have no plans really whatsoever, just ready to see what happens basically.
I don't' really know what else to write right now. I guess I should get to bed. To everyone else out there reading, I'll try to keep this up a little better.
BTW to anyone out there that wants it: I have info for Matt's email and mailing address. If you want it, email me or leave a comment and I'll get it to you. He needs letters so even if you don't know him well, drop him a line. A soldier always appreciates a letter; Matt said he'll write anyone and everyone that writes him. I'm sending a care package soon as well, if you have anything you'd like to send, let me know and I'll get it to him. He needs anything to read, personal toiletries, snacks (nothing that will melt in 110 degree heat), anything else that would help make the next 14 months fly by for him. Thanks all

Friday, May 7 hard on the knees

Its all my fault. I did exactly what I told myself I wouldn't do again. Things are going to work out one way or another. I'm sure that everythgin that happened last night was for the best, last night just wasn't the best night for it to happen. I thought I saw the signs taht were leading my one day, I just missed a turn and fell off a cliff. Maybe in the next few days/weeks it'll all figure itself out. Stress is something that I really don't want right now, I'm good at helping other people deal with it, just not myself.
It's weird though, I feel that I've been in this exact spot before, all the same stuff was happeneing, and all the same stuff did happen. What should I do now? I let myself go back before and everything was great... for a while, what will happen now? It's time to get to work... more to come as it unfolds.

Thursday, May 6

Alright I should be in bed

Soundtrack of my life: Dare You To Move - Switchfoot

88! Holy crapBut tonight was a great night, thanks everyoen for a great cookout, old times come back and join with the new and make everything fun again. I just wanted to post this thign really... It says it's goin to be 88 tomorrow... it was like 70 somethign today... that's a huge jump. Its suppose to storm tomororw too.... should be another interesting night... I'm off to bed... Day off tomorrow. I'll be around.

Tuesday, May 4

Its Over... kinda

I'm done with finals! I had 3 today and let me tell you I'm sick of taking tests now. They all went pretty well I think. I know that I passed them all; we'll just have to see how much they affect my final grade though. If things stay the way they are I will get a 3.5 for the semester and bring my overall up to like a 3.4. Geekish I know, but I'm trying to get through school now and do well at it. Not like last time. I'm trying to get a waiver for one class right now, so hopefully I'll be even closer than I thought to graduation. Work is going well right now, busy, but good. I am going to start full time next week, I'll take a few afternoons off now and then, but mostly I'm going to be there everyday all day. This weekend is still up in the air, I wish everyone was off like one day and we could all go out like old times, but everyone is busy right now it's really hard to get everyone at the same place and at the same time. I have Thursday all day off, I dunno what I'm going to do really, but I'm sure I'll find something to do.

School sucks!!!

Actually it's more like the bookstore that really sucks. This semester I spent about $400 on 6 books. These books have been very heavy to carry to and from my classes while only actually using them a few times. I knew that when book buy-backs came around I would not recieve much for them, but today when I tried to sell them all back I was completely and utterly appalled. $12!!! They wouldn't buy back 4 of them at all and only offered me $8 and $4 for the others. How retarded is that? I'm fuming mad right now, I need to buy books for the summer, and I have no money to do that with right now. So nwo I'm going to go study for my psych test (wouldn't buy that book back, overstock) and then I'll be off to my Soc. test (wouldn't buy that book back because they aren't using it anymore). So yeah... i'm off. Leave some comments about your book buy-back experiences....

3 More to go...

Soundtrack of my life: Walking in Memphis - Marc Cohn

It's getting to be that way again, where I only write when I feel the desperate need to write something to keep this thing fresh. I am getting ready to head to Kokomo to take my last 3 finals for the year in a few. I should have studied a lot more instead of going out last night but it was a cool night anyways. Sorry about the marshmallow in your hair.... Throwing flaming marshmallows off a coat hanger is never a good idea... The past few days have been both hectic and wonderful at the same time. Looks like my friend might have found someone, she's a very cool girl, and I hope it works out well. We're all going out tomorrow night so we shall see. I took my first final on Saturday morning, business law, what fun. The good news is I got an 88% on the test which means I get an A for the class.... Go me. Now if I can just do the same things in my other classes I have s shot at actually getting that 3.5 that I've been wanting... Today will be the day to find out. The thing that sucks is one prof will grade my test while I'm standing there and the others will take a week if not longer to grade it so I wont' know until I actually get my grades in the mail as to how well I've done.... Anyways I should get going, I might write more later today about everything else that's going on with life.