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Saturday, January 31

IU is dumb

Soundtrack of my life: Sonny Boy - owsley

Got a letter from IUK today... Onestart appears to be required use in the coming months. Also this new thing called SIS also appears to be the new status quo for IU. I think improvement is needed over the existing tools that they have in place but on top of mandating us to change to a new system, we are also all being issue new student identification number instead of using our SSN as we always have before. I have no idea why they would make this change but whatever, IU makes its rules and all we can do is follow them. So now I have to go get a new student ID card so that my SSN isn't' on the card any more and all this crap. Stupid IU...

Thursday, January 29

just wanted to say...

Soundtrack of my life: Good Bye Girl - Hootie & the Blowfish

i really like this song...
that is all
thank you

It's almost 3... I have class at 4 but since I just got out of my Psych class early cause we had a test, I thought I'd post something real quick to pass the time. First off, after yesterday's disaster with the sunroof, things have gotten better. It's going to cost about $350 to fix it. Basically, I have to get a new one installed. Unfortunately I have to wait until Wednesday to get it done, so for now I'm driving a ghetto cruiser with duct tape on the sunroof. After that was all taken care of, (ask me if ya want more details, just remember to never go to Ziebart) I went to the chiropractor to get my back worked on again. Stupid diving accident. She said it looks better now and I should only come to see her if it hurts again. So I'm only out like $70 to get that fixed.... It's been hurting for 3 years and after less than an hour total in the office (including paperwork) I'm better. We'll see later how much better. I went to Philo today, nothing exciting other than we got out early. After that, I talked with D and B... nice girls. More on them later though. Checking out our law grade... I got a 51/50... which means I missed 4 but got 5pt EC. Not too bad, others did much worse. Not important here though. Then I took my psych test, did much better than I thought I would do, but not as good as I hoped. 90%... I'll live for now. Two more classes to go today... Can't wait cause it's snowing and I don't want to drive home in slop tonight. Friday we're goin out to Crackers.... I need that... Life has been too hectic and frantic the past few weeks and I need some reprieve. Things with someone still haven't been resolved yet, should I call or wait on them? Leaving on Saturday morning, I feel that I should make the move... We'll see on that too I guess. I hate having unresolved things for as long as its going to be. Did my taxes last night too... Getting a ton from federal, but I owe the good ole state of Indiana $13... Stupid taxes. This blog has been more of a journal than the reflective piece that I'd hoped it'd be. I dunno, when I started I thought I was deeper than I am now maybe, but either way, I'm dedicated to writing in it. It's my release. Others should use their's in the same manner, we all have problems and trials and tribulations... Vent them on one of these. On a similar note (although not very), I bought my first issue of Relevant Magazine today. So far so good, it's great to read about Mel Gibson and his new movie The Passion of Christ I'll definitely be in line to see it. Anyways I should go do something productive, perhaps I'll write about D and B tonight...

Tuesday, January 27

Boredom before the game...

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create your own visited states map
So Emmy is at the IU/Purdue game tonight... I'm sitting here cause the roads are horrible. 31 is one lane each way. I hate the snow... Keeps me home from school, but keeps me home from everywhere else too... Anyways... off to the game...

One bad thing about snow days

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One of the worst things about everyone in the neighborhood is that everyone with a cable modem is online at the same time, so my badnwidth goes down to nothing... I'ts about a third of what it usually is. Anyways off to the shower...

Snow Day!!!

Soundtrack of my life: Curbside Prophet - Jason Mraz

This is what I saw This is what I saw this morning as I looked out the window. Fortunately, IUK is closed today. So it's now almost 3pm and I have yet to take a shower or really do much of anything other than play on the computer. Last night I stayed up extra late to finish studying for my Psych test... which of course now I don't have. It's been a pretty boring last few days; the weather has been basically keeping me in the house and junk. Oh well, I guess I should go do something productive... maybe I'll pirate a game or somethin...

Sunday, January 25

I shouldn't write this now..

Soundtrack of my life: Cloud Of Witnesses - Mark Schultz

I am so frustrated with everyone right now... I could just scream. This weekend started out well enough with the gang going out to see Butterfly Effect. An absolutely amazing movie. I was in awe the entire time. It's one of those movies that just grabs you and pulls you in more and more as it goes on. Definitely something to see if you have the chance. After seeing everyone was extremely hyper still at midnight we all decided to go to Steak n Shake. Good times. All in all it was a good night. Some covert drama in the behind-the-scenes part of everything but it's all good. Saturday is probably when everything started to fall apart, to put it simply and vaguely. I said some things that I shouldn't have and someone else took it and blew it way out of proportion causing me to lose something I've had for 7 years. I had no chance to make it right and now that I know what I do, I'm almost glad it happened. It's funny how when the cards are really down, people's true opinions really come out about you. I should have learned along time ago what was going on and go out of things. But as usual I learn the hard way and this is one of those things I'll have to chalk up to experience. Maybe after the year has passed things will be better. We'll just have to see how this week is going to go down first. Another interesting thing happened on Saturday too. Someone who would have normally gone out with us didn't' on the grounds that certain members of out circle of friends weren't' going. Now normally people wont' show up because of other people being there but this time they wouldn't go because some people weren't going to be there. Whatever I guess some people are only your friends when it's convenient for them. Others just drink themselves into oblivion and try to pass it off as nothing serious and all that other crap. I'm seriously so sick of people today. Anyways moving on with last night, we sat at BWs for like 4 hours and just talked. Nothing important or exciting happened at all. After I got home and crashed around 1 cause I was dead tired I woke up this morning to utter hell breaking lose. Some of it is personal and shouldn't be put in such a public forum as this, since I know many more people read this than I know. Other stuff is just unbelievable and since I've vented about it already in this post I shall leave it alone. Today also was the day that I was going to study since I've slacked for about the last week on my HW. Well so far I've written a one page case brief and started a 3 page pager... I still have a ton of reading to do, but I'm just not in the mood after everything that's happened over the past few days. I have to study though, there's no way out of it. I haven't' even showered today... Of course I haven't' left the house, but still... I feel that I should maybe shower before bed or something tonight...hmmm... Its also blizzarding tonight... so far we have 2 inches in 2 hours... that's freakin nuts... tomorrow should be a good drive to work... Also to everyone out there that has a blog... post something now and then... some of you haven't posted in 2 weeks and I know you have stuff to say. We talked about what you should say. Anyway it's freakin time to get this stupid paper done...

Thursday, January 22

A boring day...

Soundtrack of my life: Inside Out - Von Ra

This is what outside looks like...I can't just ignore this thing though. People count on it for entertainment right? At least I like to think so. Maybe I'm touching someone out there in my own unique way. I certainly can't reach others lately, people are destroying their own lives and dont' care. I wish I understood that. Maybe I do more than I realize...
Today was dull and freakin cold. It's 5 right now... 5! I went to class this morning and did my thing. Philo and Psych were the usual. I have tons of studying to do for my Psych test on Tuesday... that can/will wait though. Soc was actually dull today, nothgin to report on K or H... Alothough we do have a 3 page paper due on tuesday that we were just handed today... lousy prof. I went to law today and actually enjoyed it somewhat. A future post will talk about the girls of Law.. D and B... interesting people... slightly stuck up. Tonight I'm flipping through the channels looking for something remotely interesting to watch. The Democratic Debate on Fox News was suggested, but I've deemed it retarded. Sorry man. Just not in to politics, the issues yes, but not the men. Maybe that's wrong and I should get involved more. My life has enough problems without worrying about the rest of the world. Tomororw I'm going to the chiropractor at lunch... hopefully that'll help my back... I'm still very sore and I dont' know why. After that I'm going out with the guys. We need some girls to go... Sausage fest anyone? I dunno... I should go do somethin productive like figure otu why I have no money on payday...

Tuesday, January 20

In Soc again, and at home....

Soundtrack of my life: The Long Day Is Over - Norah Jones

The last few days have been mostly uneventful. Monday I went to work, it was rather busy for a holiday but a lot of people were open still. Last night I went out for coffee with Kyle, taught him how to play Rummy. It was good just to chill someplace quiet. I think I'm going to have to go to the doctor soon. My back, ankle, and write have all been sore. Its bone sore though. Like all it need sis a good pop or something> I'll call Stout tomorrow and see if I can get in Friday maybe.
Today I got up later than I wanted to. Not that I didn't' have time to just relax this morning but I guess I was just more tired that I thought I was. It's good for me to get a lot of sleep though. This semester is going to be rough. Classes are going well enough. So far I'm staying caught up. But it means I have to study almost everyday. I need to do my law brief but it's only one page so it shouldn't take long and I'm procrastinating. Of course I have tons of reading to do too. 137 pages by Thursday! Ugh
This weekend started off with some conflict but not I think its back under control now. The same issue always come up and I just don't know how to approach them right all the time.
This is what I thought the other day. "I'm talking about the one thing I hate the most and I have a knot like a ball of twine in my stomach. All I can do is grin and bear it. Life affords me no such luxury. All I can do is sit here and act happy that I have what I have. Life is so cruel sometimes."
Its over know though. Just something I feel from time to time I guess. It either shows I'm totally incapable of getting over it or that I'm totally incapable of giving up.

Back at home now. I spent most of my evening reading my law stuff for class where I totally got nailed by the prof with obscure questions that I wasn't expecting. I was supposed to go bowling with Kyle tonight but that didn't' happen cause he got busy with something else. It's cool we are going to see Radio tomorrow for free. Really look gin forward to that. Right now I'm working on my law brief. I've got my post to Oncourse done and I've already written one paper tonight. I'm on a roll, can't stop now. Although my fingers are starting to hurt from all this typing…

Sunday, January 18

End of the weekend...

Soundtrack of my life: Walk On - U2

Well this weekend was both good and bad. First off it started on Friday night with me and Kyle playing pool at the local dive. It was fun and stuff I guess. Then we drove around Kokomo looking for something to do, even went to Menard's to see Ben and see if he wanted to hang out. Finally we ended up at BW's to hang out with Matt and the OG people to celebrate his last night of work. He had 15 drinks I think, lost count really. I had one. I got home at 4am... On Saturday I went to MO to fix their computer and finally get it done. Not bad for $275. After that we went out to see Along Came Polly. A good movie actually, not worthy of the bad reviews that everyone gave it. After that we went to Steak n Shake to hang out and figure out SB plans. Looks like Orlando will happen for sure. Now, if I can only get my tax return back so I can pay for it. I got home around 230ish. Today I got up and noon and sat around til 1ish. Took a shower and watched my Colts lose the AFC Championship. Bummer, always next year right? I stupid Philo, and Psych. Boring stuff really. I got my posting up for Oncourse though. Now I just have to write my Law brief and read my Soc. It's not too bad having 4 classes on the same day... I have two days to do everything. At the end of the semester I'm sure I'll be burnt out though. This week has to go better than last, not that last week was bad but I just didn't' enjoy it really. This week I'm going to stay up on my homework and get some of my finances together so I can get rid of some bills and reconsolidate some debt. Whatever, I have a migraine and I'm going to bed...
PS we're looking for another girl to go on SB with us, if you're free in March and have $100. Leave a comment and I'll get back with ya.

Thursday, January 15

The girls of Sociology

I'm at school... What more is there to say really other than the fact that I'm bored out of my mind. I just got done eating some BK and going over my L201 stuff. Business Law, what fun! :-/ I just wanted to write a few things in here and I'll get as many as I can before I have to go to class at 7. First of, entitled "the Girls of Soc." There 35 people in my soc. class, 30 of them are girls. Being that IUK has a 3:1 ratio, this is nothing new. But since this class started and since I don't' pay attention that well in class I have made a few observations about the girls in my class. First of, there's H, she's a typical college student, 19, somewhat pretty and slightly on the shy side. She seems nice enough but totally reminds me of Emmy, both in looks and in demeanor. There's not a lot to say about her other than that really. The other girl that I have noticed, K, she's a bit different. She's 21 and from the Tipton area I believe. She is nearly married and has a baby. She doesn't seem like the typical college student in that sense or because of the fact that Tuesday was her first day of college, ever. She also has this thing with noticing the way people act and dress. She seems very naive for her age and just seems like she has lived a sheltered life at least in the past few years. She made a huge fuss about the girl who wore a mid-riff revealing shirt to class, "Why is she wearing that, doesn't she realize her belly is showing?" The girl wearing the shirt was perfectly suited to wearing the shirt, albeit a little cold out to wear such a garment. K also has a slight tomboyish quality to her, she wears boots, not black heeled boots but work boots all the time. An interesting person for sure. I'm sure there will be more stories to tell about them both as the semester drags on.
The other thing I wanted to write about was last night. I was supposed to be studying but instead, I talked to Emmy from about 11 til 2ish I think. We had a very good conversation. She made her "5 year old voice" and I was putty in her hands. We talked about us and where we're going and what we're doing. I'm encouraged but still waiting on a definitive answer. Only time will tell.
This weekend promises to be both exciting and dull at the same time. I am going to work on a computer for a friend on Saturday, then out to the movies with the gang I think, and finally to see some people sing Karoke at around midnight. Then on Sunday is the AFC Championship game. Of course I'll be watching that. I should probably get to class now cause this post is probably getting longer than I intended it to be.
Can't wait to see my surprise tonight! :)

Wednesday, January 14

I'm suddenly a puppet to the weather now...

Soundtrack of my life: Pictures of the Past - Warren Barfield

Today was a horrible dreary and bad day. I was just so tired all day, I feel like if it's sunny out, I'm fine but when it's rainy, I'm always tired and junk. I got my hair cut today and to quote a previous conversation: "a metro-man that cuts your hair, always does it right...except for the fiancé and the kid he was gay." It finally doesn't look like a little boy haircut now. The guy is great. Definitely recommending him to everyone now. Today was pretty dull really overall. I can't say that I did much at all today. Work was work and now that I'm home I realize that I have a ton of reading to go over and take notes on. All I really want to do is like sleep or just get out of here. I dunno I'll figure it out I guess. I wish my W2s would come from everywhere soon. I have to get my return back so I can afford SB this year. Orlando... how expensive can it be. Anyways I'm talking to Emmy now and I should start studying soon. I'll talk to you all later. btw... that certain someone needs to update their blog too :) And yes, I still like my new phone!

OK do this:
Go to MSN and type this string in without quotes "kerri russell january 2004" look who's number 4... why I dont' know but I am... I think that's cool... 36 people have came to my site that way. To all you Kerri Russell pr0n fans out there, welcome! I'm also number 2 on MSN if you search for "quiz diva" I lvoe blogging because its a great way to screw with search engines. Yes I am a geek for knowing all this.

Tuesday, January 13

The truth shall set you free!!!

Soundtrack of my life: Turn Off the Lights - Nelly Furtado

Today has gone from horrible to pretty good. It stared with me leaving Matt in a bar because it was late and he was drunk and I wanted to go home while he wanted to stay out. On the way home I got a call from g-ma that her brother had died around midnight. She was a mess. Meanwhile Emmy was waiting on me to get home and I talked to her most of the drive home. Then we talked online for a while, I went to bed finally around 230.
I wish I knew more about what was going on in hear head. I feel like she's on the edge of coming back to me. For whatever (probably a good one) she's not there yet. My thoughts? I can wait forever for a yes, but to hear it now and only mean it for a year is bad.
My grandpa retired today. 39 years at GM. glad to see he's finally out.
Classes went well today, Philo is weird, the guy is a hippie but he seems cool enough, reminds me of Homkes, one of those guys that really make you think and stuff, which is good for Philo I'm sure. Psych is another story; he is a spiritual guy and wants us all to be that way too. I have a feeling that we will be disagreeing on my topics this semester, not the facts of the course but the meanings behind them. Soc is dull and I have a prof I can't understand if Thursday doesn't go better I'll switch to the 1030 class.
Coming back to me: I say it like she's out on her own and can't deal with it without me, I don't' mean that at all. I should start saying get back together I guess cause neither one of us has really done that bad on our own and much to my delight we get along again. Someday it'll work out; in the mean time I can save up for the rock... it might take a while at this rate. Charge it! I'm destined to be in debt forever I think
I have so much reading to do in the next two days I don't' know how I'm going to keep up this semester, my mind will be Jell-O soon... philo, psych and soc... ugh.. And then business law after that! Wow... I am a glutton for punishment I guess. Anyway off to read a bit and then to bed... see you all later.
Oh yeah, got a new cell phone today too… Samsung X427.

Sunday, January 11

We win...

Soundtrack of my life: Ain't Going Down Til the Sun Comes Up - Garth Brooks

A bit of a nail biter but we win. Good Luck next week.

NAMBLA meeting... my house... Friday

Soundtrack of my life: Another Postcard - Barenaked Ladies

I have no idea why I put that as a subject but I saw it in Esquire this month and "Email subject headings you don't want to use in your office this year." So today again as usual for a Sunday has been dull and pretty much unproductive. I'm watching the Colts game right now. Its 31-24 after the Hall kickoff return. I'm getting a bit worried. I men yeah they are up by 7 late in the 3rd but they need about 14 points of cushion for me to be really comfortable. I'm dreading the win actually; it's 50 in KC right now, probably 7 in NE next week. Not sure the guys can work well in the cold. Yesterday was a pretty good day. After cleaning most of the afternoon and just hanging out basically I went to Damon's with the guys to watch the Pats/Titans game. IT was packed of course and we ended up just playing trivia and talking. Nikki came to see me after she got off work too. She' going to the Air Force soon so it was kind of her last night out. She leaves on Tuesday. After the game we went to Steak and Shake to meet Mandy too. Haven't' seen her in while and it was good to catch up with her too. I got home about 3Am and then talked to Emmy online until about 4. I really wish I had something interesting to talk about but honestly this weekend has been pretty boring overall. School starts this week, yea! I'm excited... K, not really but almost actually.

Saturday, January 10

A "productive" day...

Soundtrack of my life: Shut UP - Black Eyed Peas

Today was one of those days where I woke up and felt like accomplishing something. I got up, ate a quick bite and then proceeded to quickly cleanout and shred and sort my bills/receipts, etc. It all looks much better now and I know where stuff is. I cleaned up my room a bit too, but nothing big. I got my copy of 2600: The Hacker Quarterly today, a great read as always. Glad I subscribed to it because no bookstores in the area carried it. Still looking for someone who carries Relevant though. If anyone knows, please tell me. Tonight I'm going out with the gang to Damon's to watch the Pats vs. Titans. Should be good, if the Titans win and the Colts win tomorrow it means the AFC championship will be at Indy. That will be mighty cool. I'll write more later or something. Yes I'm still good btw... in case anyone was wondering out there :)

Friday, January 9

The fun is over...

Soundtrack of my life: Colorblind - Counting Crows

Well today I took Emmy back to IU. Bittersweet rally, I mean yeah, I know she loves to be there and have her own life and all but at the same time it sucks saying goodbye to her. Those last moments always go buy so fast, especially on a one-story elevator ride. We had a lot of fun in the past 3 weeks or so. Hung out a lot and really just became good friends again. I'm glad I got to see her so much. Someday she'll make up her mind and then everything will work out. I got back in town about 9 tonight and decided to go out with Kyle to BW's... it was packed and honestly there weren't that many people there that we knew. So people I knew from OG but that was about it. I miss Emmy already; I'm waiting on her to get online as I type this. Only time will tell what will happen with us. I remain optimistic however, there's nothing to tell me to think otherwise. Hopefully I'll either get to go down and see her or she'll come home for a weekend or something. I should be getting off to bed now drolly, I'm dead tired from all the driving and stuff but I'll be around, I may even blog again... who knows.... later

Wednesday, January 7

I just don't know

Today was an OK day. It started out good enough I guess. I mean work went well. I was busy with clients and such. Think I'm going to get some good business from all of it actually. Then I came home. Nothing new to speak of I guess... Same stuff as yesterday. Nothing new to report. Still looking and still waiting. I think I've decided not to make that decision. I like I'm at in all reality. I know that this will disappoint some, but I think all in all it's the best. Something else happened today too... I can't explain it but everything that I thought was going well just seemed to fall apart. Maybe I thought too much of something, but at the same time I thought what I was thinking was right. I just don't' understand everything that's going on. I wish I could get more than I am, but I know it' shard to figure out. It's not something I want to deal with I guess. I'm not giving up. I can't too much is involved. Everything is involved.
The new Mini iPodOn a totally separate note, those of you who have blogs that I know personally. Keep them updated. I know not all of you have the "writing bug" or don't' necessarily want to divulge all the thoughts in your head. OK that's great but if you start a site don't' just let it die out there with entries from 10 days ago or more. I am not rally the best person to speak about this. If you look at my archives I was a definite slacker when it came to keeping this site up. Why can't life be simple and predictable? I am just tired of the surprises that keep coming up that are not easily dealt with. I dunno.... I'm not depressed by any means but I'm just not happy with the world right now.
A totally new separate note: I want one of these: I think this is probably one of the best ideas that apple has came out with in a long time. Although it's still a bit pricey, I will definitely be looking into one when my tax return comes back.
Anyways, time for bed... talk to you all soon.

Tuesday, January 6

I think the decision was made for me...

I thought last night that there was no way to say no to this big decision I've been debating. It made sense to me for a while... and up till today it was still all good. But after today, I think the answer will be no, no matter what probably. I mean I doubt I'll get the chance to even say yes, but if I do get the chance I'll probably say no. It's a big risk in the short and long run. I'm happy with the way things are going now, I have my battles, but overall, I really can't complain. Mountains where mole hills are basically... (thanks) I am reading a lot of blogs now, most of them daily, at least those that are updated daily anyways. :) I've got a busy week this week, computers to fix, friends to see before school starts again. All that stuff. It's one of those things I guess. When it rains it pours.
The last thing I wrote was titled "How many centipedes are political?" I meant to write more about that, and I guess now I will... I was dreaming something weird involving ladybugs and GW Bush, why I have no idea. I was in that doze state right before I woke up for the day, I remember in the dream that I had seen a centipede in a maze or something... I have a seriously warped mind I think. Ya know what, I think its stress and all that stuff too, it hasn't' been the best year so far. Hopefully things will work themselves out cause I don't know how much more I can deal with right now... I'm going to bed and escape reality again... leave a comment if you've read this far... vote for the new colors too...

Monday, January 5

How many centipedes are political?

Soundtrack of my life: Mrs. Potter's Lullaby - Counting Crows

This is the phrase that I woke up in my head with this morning. It was only the beginning of the weirdness to follow. It started out fine, I was actually going to be early to work, then I went outside to get int eh car and realized that it was all a block of ice, spent the next 45 minutes chipping it out... Then i had to let it warm up before I coudl anywhere, so instead of being early i was 30 min late. Ahhh! I went to work and all was well, I was actually having a good day, lotsa calls and actually getting some good info and leads to go on. I'll be makign money soon I think, I hope anyways. Then I got the worst news i've heard in a long time. 39 years gone. I dont' want to leave too many details here, thsi is public and I'm embarassed, but trust me when I say it's bad. It's been a dumb day... I want to write more but I'm just not in the mood. Tired of life in general today...

Sunday, January 4

A trip around the net:

This post is about my journey around the Internet starting at 9:05PM on a otherwise boring Sunday. I will put up links that I visit and maybe some commentary about what I see, yes I am really that bored....

  • Why are there 9 planets? This delightful site is hilarious for those engineer types out there. God, the Devil, Gabriel, and a whole slew of charaters plan and design the Earth and Universe, here are the memos to prove who said what.

  • Britney got married! I've already seen reports that she has filed for an annulment since it was supposedly a joke that had just gone too far. Who gets married as a joke?! Also if she does stay married this means that Emmy and Kerri Russell are the last 2 women on Earth I'm waiting for. Poorly worded but you get the point.
  • ImageAfter This is a cool site I'm definitely going to have to remember....

  • Unconscious Mutterings Ahh... Word associations, I love these things, since F5, Sexy Sat, and T3 all havent' worked out as memes for my blog maybe this one will, feel free to add it to your blog too!
    1. Vintage:: Jeans
    2. Longing:: Love

    3. Specimen:: Frog

    4. Mock:: Turtleneck

    5. Shit:: Brown

    6. Friday:: Bloomington

    7. Cruel:: 101 Dalmations

    8. Insufficient:: Work

    9. Pessimistic:: Friends

    10. Grin:: Constipation

  • Britney's Marriage License 'nuff said already.

  • Alright it's been an hour... I'm done... Maybe tomorrow will be more eventful... Still "strong like bull"


    Soundtrack of my life: Babylon - David Gray

    OK I just spent the last 10 minutes frantically looking for my CSS for this blog, because Blogger is screwing up wtih Bloggar, so inted of a genreal CSS i had raw code, meaning I couldn't post again... thankfully I saved something close back in November... All is well now... I think... I'm going to get off the puter for a while, I'm too stressed now...

    I shouldn't have said it....

    So the Packers almost lost it... thankfully in OT they came back, now the Colts are winning... it's early thought we'll see how it comes out.

    What do you think?

    New poll up, let the people pick I guess.... You can vote once per day... I will end the voting around Jan 15th. Voice your opinion! I'm so bored today... Packers are winning right now... John Mayer still on the radio... I need a life really.....

    Ice everywhere...(and others)

    Well not everywhere but kinda everywhere... There's a nice then film of it all over my car right now which probably means that I won't be going anywhere today... at all. Last night and actually the past few nights I've hung out with Emmy. It's been great. Some uneasiness at times and of course we've had our little tiffs or whatever but all in all I'm happy with what's going on with us. Next week will be the test though. We'll both be back to our regular lives and we'll just have to see what happens. Last night we went to the Grant 4 tourney in Gas City. They lost, coaches fault not the team though, he played 5 guards and also let the other team run up the score before he would make any changes to the lineup late in the game. Oh well it's always something with that coach. I've got to get a hobby besides sitting on this computer; I spent most of yesterday just staring at this thing. Yeah it's fun but lets be real, it's all I do sometimes. I have books to read and probably cleaning or something I could be doing. I dunno, my arm hurts right now for some reason... I've been sore lately, wish I knew why. I'm going to go do something else... later 12:15

    OK since Blogger won't post today I'm just going to add on to this one I guess Winamp 5.0 is amazing! I jsut clicked on the media library thingya nd checked otu the Internet TV part... Right now I'm watching REM on their AOL Sessions! Uberquality too. There are liek 50 stations to choose from, although most are public access type stations some are music stuff and some look they could have good stuff on them... Other are.... more ... "mature" in nature. Eitherwya if you have a fast connection you should definately check it out.

    Thursday, January 1

    Suddenly not so inspired...

    I like the colors I have I think maybe I'll do something with green...

    I am inspired...

    New colors for the blog.... I'm thinking somethin blue and icy looking... check it out soon....

    A new beginning...

    So yeah, didn't win the lottery last night... I wonder if anyone did? Hmm... Something to check out later. I still have to make that big decision and I can honestly say I'm no closer to coming to any conclusion. Last night was good... just hung out and stuff mostly. We spent most of the time working on CSS for Emmy's blog... it's getting there... just needs some content and maybe some stuff on the sidebar and stuff... It'll come I'm sure. Today I have no idea what I'm going to do... maybe go out... maybe stay in... most likely the former... I'm not a home body... So I just thought I'd spend the next few moments putting links in here and telling you all what I thought about various things.
    • Winamp new version 5 out recently... I downloaded it, not too bad so far, problems with my Logitech keyboard and it but nothing that can't be dealt with.
    • Pagan Alliance of Kokomo first of all, dood get a life. Secondly, if you're going to put up a page for an organization, even a lame one such as the PAK, learn some HTML and don't use Angelfire for anything. I am disgusted by it all really.
    So maybe I didn't have as many links as I thought I did but that's cool... At least I got something up here... Anyways I should go do something productive with today... Here's to you and here's to me, let us never disagree.....