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Monday, December 27

Congrats Jake

Last night we celebrated Jake's birthday at BW's friends and family all around. It was crazy. I think there was some football on, but Jake was much more entertaining. I lost count but I'm pretty sure he had between 8 and 10, 2 of which I bought. We had a good time. Erin and I left there and headed to her house for the night. It was foggy as crap. From what the weatherman says it's going to be like this for a while. The good news is though that the snow is going to start melting soon, so maybe I can wash my car and keep it clean. Its amazing how owning a black car can be such a curse in the winter. Salt and just road junk is so bad looking on my paint. I dunno what I ate or did or whatever but today has been a bad day. Mexican for lunch wasn't a good idea either... Hopefully tonight I'll feel better.... Anyways, better go get this stuff done...


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