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Saturday, December 25

And to all a good night...

Wow, it's been freakin forever since I've even really thought about posting something here, and then I procrastinated about it, alas, I am posting now.
It's Christmas! This year is probably one of the best I've ever had. Thing swith life just seem to be going so well. Erin and I are wonderful, she never ceases to amaze me, last night we did our Christmas with her family. Absolutely amazing. First of all they do this thing where they hid gifts and you kind of go on a treasure hunt to fined them. Mine from Erin was a Claddagh ring.
The celebrated Claddagh ring, as we know it today, stands as a monument to love and friendship. The design is striking and unmistakable, two hands joined together to support a single heart, and upon it a crown. Its motto, not surprisingly, is 'let love and friendship reign'. Traditionally, the rings can be worn in three different manners, all declaring a different status in the quest for love. When worn on the right hand with the heart facing outward toward the nail, the ring signifies one whose heart is free. When the heart is facing inward, toward the knuckle of the right hand, it indicates that the heart is no longer available. And finally, if the ring is to appear upon the left hand, it traditionally means that love has been plighted. MORE HERE
It’s beautiful. There were other small gifts too of course but the ring is amazing. Erin’s parents also did the scavenger hunt type thing, except it a joint gift for me and Erin. You’ll never guess…. Matching iPods! 20GB. Absolutly freaking amazing, I love it. We went to church later, after a wonderful dinner. I am just so thankful for all they do for me, never hesistating to help me even when I don’t’ really want it.
Today I woke up and got the rest of my Christmas with my family. Yesterday I got a DVD burner from my computer, got it all hooked up and burned some Family Guy DVDs, except today I opened them for Christmas, I wasted a ton of time burning… oh well.
I don’t know what I am going to do for the rest of the day but I’m sure I will have to get dressed first. I’m going to try to blog more today, I’ve got some links to post and just general commentary on life to add.


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