Life or Something Close

Wednesday, December 29

25 - 6 then 71 - 59 WTF!?

Last night we went to the IU vs. BSU game at Conseco... We had seats that were so freaking high we could see the top of the scoreboard... IU looked like they were going to blow away BSU, unfortunately they have Davis coaching so it became a much closer game.
I've been working from home for the past few days, no sense in driving all the way to Indy, when basically I have everything I need right here. For some reason at 1230 last night I got that sudden creative urge and ended up working until almost 3 this morning... So tired today... I've worked most of the afternoon, going to play some ball tonight probably. Not a ton to say really today I guess.
The snow is melting now, its like 40 outside. More to come later maybe


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