Life or Something Close

Monday, November 15

People urk me!

People need to learn to mind their freakin business… Seriously, stay out of my personal affairs. You are about to do something that you can’t possibly imagine the repercussions of. You will not only being ruining one friendship but you could possibly destroy something else. A long time ago on this very blog I said that no matter what you said, I had other stuff to say that is much worse, well I didn’t mean it about you, but this time I do. I know things that you think that I don’t, and other people will find out. I don’t appreciate being threatened and I don’t’ appreciate that way in which you did what you did. Now it’s my turn to threaten you. Stay out.
Ok, now that that’s out of the way let me say that the last 3 days have been some of the weirdest I’ve ever lived. First of all, I’m fiending like you wouldn’t believe right now. It’s hard, harder than I thought it would be, so far so good though… Just 7.5 more weeks to go. Erin had a good weekend. She broke/sprained/I don’t know what her ankle yesterday and now she’s on crutches. Fun. Fun. Fun. She’s also been down with the flu… that has to suck; I just hope that I don’t get it from her.
Sunday… why did I even get out of bed? First of all I got up about 1:15 in the afternoon, caught the colts game, finally got dressed at halftime and went to get my books to study a bit… watched the end of the massacre, err… game. And then tried to study some more. I don’t know what it was but pretty much all of yesterday I was in a bad mood. Finally I headed out to Peru, got some gas and food… came home and just tried to relax and find some new music to download. Productive I know. Tried to go to bed about 1130ish since I was kinda feeling tired but instead I just tossed and turned for like 4 hours basically. I would get to where I was almost asleep and then jerk awake. I hate that. Finally got to sleep, then the alarm went off and I started another day. The good news is that I don’t have CIS on Monday which means I don’t have class until 230… sleep… heh. T-day is almost here, too, that means I gotta get to work on my X-mas shopping for Erin… Got some ideas but I still have no idea really. I should really get to class….


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